Compact with Texans

PRAIRIE VIEW A&M UNIVERSITY exists to attract, retain, educate, and graduate society ready students, our primary customers, and is proud and eager to fulfill this commitment in our “Compact with Texans.” The University also expects to be recognized for its achievements in customer satisfaction by delivering products and/or services using the highest degree of ethical behavior including, but not limited to honesty, integrity, accuracy, courtesy and timeliness. These standards will be attained through a workplace environment that promotes employee teamwork, accountability, quality, and dedication.

To our visitors, supporters, customers and members of the Prairie View Family we extend a very cordial word of thanks for accessing our web site and in providing us constructive feedback on how well we are doing our jobs via our Customer Satisfaction Survey. This very valuable feedback will be used to help us continuously improve our services.

Prairie View A&M University, founded in 1876, is one of the three state universities designated by the Constitution of Texas, as “a university of the first class.” It is also a “Land Grant University” by federal designation dedicated to “Teaching, Service and Research.” To achieve its state and federal mandates, Prairie View A&M University must maintain standards of excellence in its delivery of services to all of our customers.  Please take a minute to rate our service delivery on the Customer Satisfaction Survey form available as a link to this web site or on the customer satisfaction survey forms available in each department, office and public reception area in each university facility.

For more information on The University’s “Compact With Texans” / Customer Satisfaction Survey, please call or write: “The Compact With Texans” / Customer Services Coordinator – P.O. Box 519; MS 1103 – Prairie View, Texas 77446 – (936)261-2122.

Should we fail in our commitment to deliver quality and excellence in customer services, a formal written complaint process for Prairie View A&M University was established and implemented on April 1, 2000, as provided in Sec. 1, Subtitle C, Title 10, Government Code, Chapter 2113, Customer Service. Formal complaints should be directed to the respective Vice Presidents for the area(s) on which you would like to file a complaint or compliment. The University’s Vice Presidents and their management areas are as follows:

Provost and Senior Vice-President of Academic Affairs or official designee (936) 261-2170 is the contact concerning deans, departments, the library, academic programs, admissions, registration, financial aid, recruitment, or housing.

Vice-President Student Affairs & Institutional Advancement or official designee (936) 261-2130 is the contact concerning alumni relations, media/public relations, governmental affairs, multicultural affairs, student affairs/activities, student conduct-(hearings/appeals), on-campus chapel, career services & outreach, disability services, intramurals, service learning and continuing education.

Senior Vice-President of Business Affairs or official designee (936) 261-2150 is the contact concerning the fiscal operations to include; contracts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, the physical plant; to include buildings, grounds, maintenance and other facilities, computer operations and computer labs.

Vice-President of Research & Development and Dean of Graduate School or official designee (936) 261-1550 is the contact concerning gifts, grants and research.

Vice-President of Administration and Chief of Staff or official designee (936) 261-2142 is the contact concerning affirmative action-equal opportunity & sexual harassment and compliance.

Vice President of Auxiliary Services or official designee (936) 261-2142 is the contact concerning housing, athletics, student center operations, the bookstore and campus dining.

The University’s, “Compact With Texans” Customer Satisfaction policy states, “Department Directors are required to respond to each written complaint within 10 working days. If resolution is not possible within 10 working days, the written response to the complainant shall indicate when the Director expects to provide a resolution.” Compact With Texans Customer Satisfaction Survey and forms are available in each of the University departments, offices, public reception areas and on the Prairie View A&M University website (Compact with Texans Customer Satisfaction Survey).

All other surveys, complaints, compliments or suggestions should be submitted to Department Heads or Program Managers to resolve and or address through regular established methods and administrative procedures. The Compact With Texans” Customer Satisfaction Survey is not intended to supplant the current processes that have been and will continue to be utilized as a means for the University’s customers to receive information and resolve issues.

Prairie View A&M University’s Policies and Operating Procedures require that all information collected, assembled, or maintained by or for the University, under a law or ordinance or in or in connection with the transaction of official business of the University, is public information.  Requested information should comply with statutes, rules and procedures of the University. It is general procedure, throughout the University, to respond to all customer requests/services and/or complaints in a reasonable and timely manner. However, all programs within the University have specific response and/or turnaround times for delivery of services or goods noted in their operating procedures which may be contingent upon peak-load work cycles, specific work procedures, or receipt of items from third parties.

The Compact With Texans – Customer Satisfaction Survey, measures the level of customer satisfaction with the University’s services.  Our customers set our service standard by their survey or complaint responses. Each program distributes customer service cards upon delivery of goods or services.  Every card has a rating scale of 1 to 40. Scores of 29 or below requires a response from management. The ratings are reported quarterly and reviewed to ensure that we are providing the best possible customer service. The Customer Satisfaction Survey / Complaint Report Forms are available upon request and are acted upon promptly, with a formal response, within ten (10) working days if not sooner. These complaints are collected and reviewed for possible changes in customer service procedures if legally, physically and economically feasible.

Again, the primary purposes of the University are to attract, retain, educate, and graduate students, our primary customers. The main services of Prairie View A&M University, too numerous to list in this document, center first and foremost on producing productive society ready citizens. Information about University services is available on the website, in the University’s Graduate & Undergraduate catalogs, is available in the various college, school, division and departmental administrative offices, and via telephone contact.

In addition to its academic units, Prairie View A&M University provides support services via multiple divisional, departmental and administrative staff offices.
Prairie View A&M University pledges, to all Texans, to practice standards of excellence and to continuously improve in its delivery of services to its customers. It always will serve the people of the great state of Texas “at the points of its greatest need.” For this privilege, we are both humbled and honored.