Emergency Preparedness Info

a map with a hurricane headed toward the coast of floridacomputer drawing of a house in what appears to be flood waters with lighting striking around it.computer drawing of a wood fire.tornado going through a town
The Objectives of this Emergency Preparedness Informational web site is to provide us all with as much information as possible to review and educate ourselves so to be better prepared in an Emergency.

Prairie View A&M University is subject to emergencies or disasters resulting from major incidents or natural phenomena. The purpose of this site is to provide guidance and procedures that will hopefully enable students, staff, faculty and visitors on the university to effectively respond to and recover from major incidents, natural disasters or other emergencies on the campus.

Response must be timely, vigorous, and directed toward containing the situation, minimizing the loss of life and property, averting undue hardship or suffering, and maintaining the maximum operational capabilities of the University.  Only by educating ourselves to the fullest extent possible, along with annual review and regular exercise of the Universities Emergency Operation Plans will rescue and recovery actions be effective in protecting human life and health and in preserving Prairie View A&M University property and resources.

Below are some broad subjects that will link you to various sources and information that will be useful to know before any emergencies arise.

Emergency Management and Weather Web Sites