Chemical Emergency

drawing of a person in a hazard materaial suit.During a chemical emergency, you may be asked by campus officials to seek shelter where you are instead of trying to evacuate the area. Staying indoors until the emergency is over may be safer than going outside where the air could be unsafe to breathe.


  • Go inside and stay calm
  • If your eyes, nose or throat become irritated, cover your mouth and nose with several layers of damp cloths and take frequent shallow breaths
  • Building Maintenance will turn off the A/C or heat if the systems are drawing in outside air in.
  • Ensure that all windows and doors are closed
  • Tune in to your local emergency radio KPVU 91.3 FM or television station for emergency information and directions from local officials
  • Use the telephone for emergencies only
  • The University Police Department (UPD) will issue information on the chemical emergency


  • Evacuate only if told to do so by the Police or other campus authorities
  • Stay calm and gather essential items
  • Keep all windows and air vents in the vehicle closed
  • Use special routes designated by University Police & Campus authorities