Honors Program

Honors Program at PVAMU

The primary objective of this program is to provide a variety of scholarly activities and advanced courses for outstanding undergraduate students who value and seek rigorous academic challenges.  To achieve this goal, Honors courses are designed to stimulate intellectual exchanges in small seminar classes, where students learn how to refine a range of academic skills and talents.

The development of a philosophical habit of mind, academic training, historical consciousness, and an aggressive pursuit of knowledge in all disciplines is the basis of an Honors program. Only the most committed and talented professors at Prairie View A&M University will teach Honors courses with the intent to create a shared dialogue among students majoring in: education, engineering, natural sciences, architecture, nursing, agriculture, arts and humanities, behavioral sciences, business, juvenile justice, communications, as well as other majors offered at the university.

Every Honors student is encouraged to learn one or more of the foreign languages offered in the program: Chinese or Arabic.  The importance of learning and applying foreign language skills to any academic discipline will substantially enhance the overall educational background and future of each student. Hence, an emphasis on study abroad opportunities is also a major expectation for each student in this program. Specifically, the development of a Chinese and Arabic Language Center at Prairie View A&M University will be the first of its kind among Historically Black Colleges or Universities (HBCUs) in Texas and the U.S. These language skills will provide students with possible internships and careers with international institutions such as:

  • World Bank
  • United Nations
  • Africare
  • CARE International
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Institute for International Public Policy
  • U.S. Peace Corps

The future of global partnerships around the world will require Americans to consider a host of careers in international fields of: business, engineering, medical, nursing, agriculture, economics, higher education, and technological professions.  Moreover, the study of Chinese and Arabic language training for African-American and Latino students can potentially lead to global research partnerships with Chinese and Middle Eastern universities to create scholarly exchange programs for students and faculty.

There are many advantages related to the development of globalizing the university curriculum.  For example, providing Study Abroad opportunities alone can substantially change a student’s life forever. Prairie View A&M University is committed to the idea of producing future global leaders.  Therefore, foreign language training is a vital component towards this goal.

An additional goal of the Honors program is to provide diverse leadership development opportunities for every honors student.  Many of the Honors courses include service-learning components to encourage students to create community-wide service projects related to their courses.  For example, the required course for all Honors students—Introduction to Honors involves research methodology and historical writing, yet students are required to present their final research projects on current global issues to public audiences at local community centers and elementary schools as well as at organized open forums on the university campus. Public speaking is often required of those in leadership positions; therefore, these activities are offered to expose honors students to real life expectations.

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