Student Affairs at PVAMU

A productive student is a well-rounded student. Through the Division of Student Affairs, a variety of programs and services address a myriad of student needs. Students are offered avenues to expand their leadership capabilities, cultivate their pride for PVAMU, establish healthy living patterns and meet like-minded students through our student organizations.

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The Internship Boot Camp

November 14 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

“Choosing to come to Prairie View A&M University has been one of the best things that has happened to me! I have made friends, joined several student organizations, gone on trips to Washington, DC, Virginia and Alabama and other places I thought I’d never see. Not only has the education been great, I would say that my overall college experience has been exactly what I thought it should be and much more.”
- Junior, Communications Major

Honors Societies, Clubs, & Interest Groups

More than 150+ honorary, professional and social interest groups are currently active on campus, recruiting members regularly. These organizations provide opportunities for student leadership through service, participation and friendship. They also develop school pride and aim to enhance students’ academic standings. Some membership restrictions apply.

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Greek oraganization life

Greek Life

Joining a Greek organization can be one of the most valuable and memorable things a student can do in college.  PVAMU offers a vibrant and exciting Greek life experience.

Prairie View A & M University activity board
Campus Activities Board

All PVAMU students are encouraged to get involved with planning dynamic, engagement and fun activities that everyone can enjoy!

leadership institutes for students

Student Leadership Institute

College is the best time to hone your leadership skills. PVAMU offers several programs and certificates that allow you to learn and grow as a future productive leader!


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