Undergraduate Medical Academy

Welcome to the web site of the Undergraduate Medical Academy at Prairie View A&M University, a member of the Texas A&M University System. I encourage you to pay a visit to the information resources that are available to you through our web pages. It is my hope that you will find information regarding the purpose of the Academy, admissions information, medical/scientific links and much more.

Prairie View A&M University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as a comprehensive public institution of higher education. The main campus is located in Waller County approximately 40 miles northwest of Houston. Prairie View A&M University, the second oldest public institution of higher education in Texas, originated in the Texas Constitution of 1876.

We have a beautiful campus, a creative and spirited student body along with a committed team of faculty and staff.

Please enjoy your visit to our site as we share our resources via the World Wide Web. Come visit us in person and experience Panther Land.

Dennis E. Daniels, MPH, DrPH

The mission of the Undergraduate Medical Academy (UMA) is consistent with the overall mission of Prairie View A & M University and the Texas A & M University System. The UMA is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, service and professional development. The UMA emphasizes the integration of leadership development and pre-medical science education, without sacrificing concern and compassion for the community.

Set forth by:  House Bill 85 and Senate Bill 1009

Unit Outcomes

  1. Develop enriched undergraduate courses designed to strengthen academic preparation.
  2. Provide preparation for the Medical College Admission Test for medical school applicants.
  3. Foster faculty mentorship for each medical academy student.
  4. Enhance academic and career counseling for each medical academy student.

  • Identify and attract top students to Prairie View A&M University by providing students with a unique study opportunity that will enhance the skills needed to enter medical school and experience a rewarding career.
  • Develop a nurturing mentor cooperative network between the students of the Academy, faculty, and professionals in the medical community. Thus strengthening a successful transition for students practicing in the medical profession.
  • Identify and develop opportunities to participate in research initiatives with faculty and participating professionals in the medical community.
  • Identify students early in their educational career to foster and encourage interest in science and mathematics.

UMA Admissions

Honors Admission: High School – An official transcript that includes:

1. English: 4 credits
Mathematics: 4 credits (Algebra I and above)
Science: 3 credits (Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Science)
Social Studies: 4 credits (World History-1, World Geography-1, U.S. History-1, U.S. Government- 1/2 and Economics-1/2)
Foreign Language: 2 credits in a single language
Computer Science: 1 credit
2. A minimum high school GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
3. A minimum SAT score of 1500 or an ACT score of 25
4. Passage of any state mandated examination used as a high school exit examination.
5. Application and Acceptance to Prairie View A&M University
6. Completion of 24 hrs of college credits with a minimum GPA of 3.25
7.  Complete application submitted to the UMA by April 1st.
8.  Interview
Regular Admission – College transcript(s) that include:
1. Enrolled student of Prairie View A&M University
2. Major that requires completion of the prescribed core of basic sciences and Mathematics courses as required by U.S Medical Schools for admission
3. Completion of at least one year of undergraduate studies with a minimum of 24 credit hours of course work overall with at least 6 credit hours in biological or physical science college courses approved by the Academy
4. Demonstrated interest in a medical career
5. Present highly competitive academic qualifications (minimum GPA of 3.25 on a 4.0 scale)
6. Demonstrated positive personal attributes
7. Demonstrated community service experiences
8. Complete application submitted to the UMA by April 1st.


The deadline for all applicants is April. 1, 2019. All students applying to the Undergraduate Medical Academy must:

  1. Submit a complete application UMA APPLICATION
  2. Submit 3 letters of recommendations that must have a completed UMA EVALUATION FORM attached
  3. An official transcript from their High School or College(s)
  4. Personal statement (500 words or less)
  5. Submitted via mail to:
    Undergraduate Medical Academy
    P.O. Box 519 MS#2900
    Prairie View, TX 77446
    Or fax to: 936-261-3089



The Undergraduate Medical Academy Library opened in 2005 as the research component of the Undergraduate Medical Academy at http://www.pvamu.edu/library/ .  The library’s collection consists of books, journals and audio materials. There is a small collection of anatomical models available for in-house student use.


The mission of the Undergraduate Medical Academy Library is to equip users with the knowledge and skill needed to effectively utilize the resources to carry out the mission of Prairie View A&M University and the Undergraduate Medical Academy.


The vision of the UMA Library is to provide life-long learning activities, exhibits, information literacy classes, and the collection of resources that support the curriculum of the Undergraduate Medical Academy’s students.