Student Safety Awareness

msc building

Welcome to Prairie View A&M University. If you are arriving early to participate in orientation activities on the PVAMU’s campus, touring sites in and around the Houston Metro Area, or a returning student, we want you to be aware that The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a Code Yellow “elevated risk” alert. It is important to note no current or past threat has been reported which mentions colleges and universities. Nevertheless, we encourage all members of the PVAMU’s community to continue to act with awareness and prudence, as we and others in The Waller County Area and elsewhere have been doing for the past three years.


  • Carry your PVAMU – ID with you at all times;
  • Take your cell phone and quarters in case cell service is interrupted and you need to use a public pay phone;
  • Note the phone numbers for the PVAMU operations & information line (936) 936-3311; Public Safety non-emergency line (936) 261-3575, Public Safety emergency line (936) 261-4911; your residence hall front desk and other important phone numbers may be needed;
  • Carry bottled water and other essentials if you plan to be away from campus for an extended period of time;
  • Let your roommate or friends know of your schedule.

PVAMU’s Emergency Preparedness:

Following the events of September 2001, the University developed an extensive emergency communications and operations plan that is constantly updated. To review some of these procedures, refer to the link on the Risk Management and Safety Services website. PVAMU Public Safety coordinates closely with the other law enforcement agencies and other colleges and universities in Houston Metro area in case of an emergency, Prairie View A&M University  will report news and updates as we receive them, via memo, e-mail, voice mail, web-posting, radio station, and other appropriate means.

Be Alert. The PVAMU Department of Public Safety and the Department of Texas Homeland Security continue to advise members of the PVAMU community