Bomb Threat Checklist

drawing of a bomb

Be Calm, Be Courteous, Listen and Do Not Interrupt
Call Received: ____________Call Ended:_____________
(Date and Time)
Person Receiving Call _____________________________
(Name and Phone Number)
Department: _____________________________________

Write Down Exact Wording of the Threat


Questions to Ask

Listen while the caller talks and try to ask the following questions:

      • When is the bomb going to explode?
      • Where is the bomb right now?
      • What kind of bomb is it?
      • What will cause it to explode?
      • Did you place the bomb?
      • Why was the bomb placed?
      • What is your name?
      • What is your address?
      • Where are you calling from?
      • What is your phone number?

Are you calling from a pay phone?
Gender of Caller: _____ Impression of Race of Caller: _____ Impression of Age of Caller: ___

Circle all that apply
Caller’s Voice/Threat Language Background Noises/Location

      • Calm, Excited, Angry, Slow, Rapid, Street, Noise, Voices, Music, House, Noise,
      • Soft, Loud, Normal, Distinct, Slurred, Laughter, Crying, Motor, Office, Factory
      • Nasal, Stutter, Lisp, Deep, Breathing, Dishes, Animal, Noise, Static, Phone Booth, Cell phone
      • Deep, Ragged, Cracking, Voice, Clearing Throat, Long Distance, Taped Clear
      • Disguised Foul Language, Well Spoken
      • Irrational, Incoherent Accent

Did the caller seem to be reading the message? ____
Was the voice familiar? ____
If so, whom did it sound like?