No manual or administrative procedure can possibly address every hazard or potential hazard that may arise from a specific task or combination of tasks. Where situations exist that are not covered by this manual, workplace specific guidelines or other existing procedures, use an Operational Risk Management (ORM) process to assess the risk associated with those situations and determine adequate safeguards or procedures to manage the risk.

In subject areas where a University Administrative Procedure has not been established then this Safety Manual will be the enforceable policy for the University.

Table of Contents of the Safety Manual

If at anytime you find a subject matter not addressed in this manual and believe it should be included please feel free to contact the EHS Department at (936) 261-1745 to discuss subject matter.

Anytime this manual conflicts with an enforceable code (NFPA, EPA, OSHA, TCEQ, TDI, etc the code will be followed and the EHS Department will be notified.

As a final note there may be things covered in this Safety Manual that are not used by the University. Theses precautions are there in place in case the situation arises due to a project or rental situation so we do not need to creat a policy before hand.