Power Failure

drawing of power lines.

Whenever a Prairie View A&M University building experiences a power failure, do the following:

  • Turn off all electrical equipment that is not connected to a surge protector, such as computers and printers, to protect equipment from electrical surges when the power is restored
  • Report a major power failure or interruption to power on campus
    • Call (936) 261-9703 during Normal Hours
    • Call (936) 261-3880 – After Hours Only
  • Do not use elevators immediately after a power failure because electrical outages are still possible
  • Contact the University Police Department (UPD) immediately if you know about or see: (4911 or 936-857-4911)
    • Persons stuck in elevators
    • Smoke coming from electrical or mechanical rooms
  • In the event of a prolonged power failure, your supervisor will direct employees in what to do, such as leaving the building or going to an assigned assembly area.