Open Flames


Because of the Risk involved, it is the policy that there be, no open flames in any PVAMU owned or operated buildings. This includes candles, burning incense, kerosene lamps, oil lamps or other devices that emit any kind of flame.

There are several exceptions. They are:

  • Welding or brazing devices will be permitted only by completion of a “Hot Work Permit”‘ with the project under the supervision of the appropriate PVAMU Manager, and compliance with PVAMU’s restrictions.
  • The limited use of lighters and other flame emitting devices after satisfactory proof that fire safety guidelines are in place and the approval of the Environmental Health & Safety Department.
  • Scientific devices which are under the constant supervision of the user or a professor in a laboratory environment.

Open Flames are not allowed in any campus building. If a special situation arises, only RMS can grant approval for use of open flames in outdoor special events on campus after a review of the event circumstances and the risk involved. No open flames are allowed without approval. This approval process will assure the responsible person is identified, fire watch is present, elimination of fire hazard conditions through a site visit, and appropriate site personnel are familiar with and trained to use local fire equipment and fire emergency conditions.

If an event is planned and use of open flames are being considered, please contact RMS at EHS@PVAMU.EDU, at least 15 days prior to the scheduled event.