Grounds Maintenance

The Grounds Maintenance Department is a division of the Physical Plant. This full service department is responsible for Landscape Management and Road/Pavement Maintenance. This includes 350 developed acres, 131 acres of woodlands, 17 acres of roads/streets and a 3.5 acre cemetery. It is also the coordinating department on all landscape planning, landscape design, and landscape construction projects.

Landscape management  site features include all Plant Material such as Trees, Shrubs, Ground Cover and Turf. Also included are Hardscapes like Plazas, Sidewalks, and Streets; Site Elements including; signage, benches, trash receptacles, perimeter fences, bollards, etc. and Landscape Utilities including; a computerized irrigation system, surface drain inlets and drainage swales.

Service areas include all Auxiliary and Educational General (E&G) designated property on the main campus. This includes all public property, sports fields/stadiums, recreational areas and parks. Areas not maintained by the Grounds Maintenance Department are the Privatized Apartment Housing and the  1000 acre Farm/Research  land, which is predominately,  located on the eastern portion of the campus.

Eric Willis- SSC Grounds Director

Phone: (936) 261-9703