Estimate Procedure

The following information is provided to assist our customers when estimates are desired. Any questions should be directed to the Physical Plant Operations Call Center at 936-261-9703.

  • What is an estimate?
  • When is an estimate needed?
  • How is an estimate requested?
  • Are there different types of estimates?
  • An estimate is an approximate calculation of the cost of work to be done.
  • An estimate is a customer’s option they are not required.
  • Estimates are useful if there are concerns on the project cost or budget limitation.
  • Estimates are free.

Estimate requests are the same as a work request.

  • Use the plant work request form found on our web site.
  • Choose the printable version from the Service Request section and fill out completely, including contact information and authorized signature.

There are two types of estimates which are described below:

Budget Estimate
Does not have a lot of detail and should be within plus or minus 20% of the final cost, but is not guaranteed and decreases the turn-around time for the estimate. Based on square footage calculations and historical data.

Fixed Price Estimate
Will contain the greatest detail and the price quoted to the customer is guaranteed. Will include detail, a scope of work and sufficient information on which to base a go / no go decision. Estimate based on labor and material estimation.

The amount of time for an estimate to be completed is dependent on the amount of work involved preparing the estimate for the customer.