Campus Planning and Space Management

Our Purpose

The Department of Campus Planning and Space Management monitors, analyzes and reports on the status and condition of the University’s physical infrastructure. Also this Department advises and makes recommendations to PVAMU’s leadership and TAMUS regarding future facilities growth and ensures the equitable and effective use of the University’s space in support of its mission and strategic goals and objectives.

Cost Efficient, Compliant, Comfortable Spaces to Work, Learn and Grow.

To ensure campus facilities and renovation projects serve the needs of the institution’s educational programs, support services, and mission-related activities, Campus Planning prioritizes the following C’s to its approach to service delivery:

Cost Efficient

With the goal of providing a campus that is functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing for all, Campus Planning ensures Physical Plant operations and practices are highly efficient, cost efficient and sustainable.


Under the leadership of the Senior Vice President for Business Affairs, the Office of Campus Planning and Space Management ensures facilities are maintained in optimal condition per state and federal regulations as well as ensures space usage is equitable, efficient and compliant with all applicable rules and guidelines.


As high quality, functional space is an integral part of the education experience, the Office of Campus Planning and Space Management also works to ensure students, staff and faculty have a comfortable space in which to work and study.

The 2 P’s

Your Problem Our Priority

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Contact Information

Harrington Science Building, Room 102

Tel: (936) 261-1750
Fax: (936) 261-1752

P.O. Box 519, Mail Stop 1307
Prairie View, TX 77446

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