Core Values

Access and Quality

Prairie View A&M University will provide equal educational opportunity to increasing numbers of persons from unserved and underserved populations residing primarily among the economically and socially bypassed in the society; further, the University will provide educational programs designed to prepare all graduated to compete successfully in the graduate and professional schools as well as in the labor force.


Prairie View A&M University will sustain its commitment to recruit, enroll, educate, and graduate students and to employ and advance faculty and staff without regard to age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, socioeconomic background, or educationally unrelated handicap; further, the University will offer challenges to both the academically talented and the under-prepared who arrive in college with ability, but without college-ready achievement.


Prairie View A&M University will stimulate, initiate, and implement programs and services to both inspire and guide students, faculty, and staff in developing their self-confidence, self-discipline, and other requisites to becoming successful leaders in their professions and in their communities; further, the University will offer campus-based and distance education programs to enhance the life chances for persons in its service areas.


Prairie View A&M University will respond to the need for highly literate, technologically competent graduates educated to excel in the 21st century work force; further, the University will extend the products of its research and service to address concerns and solve problems such as violence, abuse and misuse; drug and alcohol abuse; mental, physical, and psychological neglect; environmental injustice; and other forms of social dissonance that compromise the quality of life for the citizenry.

Social Responsibility

Prairie View A&M University will promote active participation in constructive social change through volunteerism, leadership, and civic action on the part of its faculty, staff, and students; further, the University will utilize


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