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High School Principals and Counselors:

You are the most important link we have with your students. Through our College of Education we already have an excellent interaction with many schools in the state. We would like for you to recommend to your students to consider majoring in Physics at Prairie View A&M University.

We have several active research programs that your students and teachers can participate in. During the semester, one or more of faculty members and I will be visiting your school to provide you with information regarding our degree programs, teacher internships at our research centers, and available scholarships and research assistantships.

There are also opportunities for design competitions between schools sponsored by federal and corporate agencies, in collaboration with universities.

The university has an excellent set of pre-college programs including:

  • Academy for Collegiate Excellence and Student Success (ACCESS)
  • Architecture Concepts Institute (ACI)
  • Architectural Enrichment Concepts (ARTEC)
  • Business Advantages for Scholastically Inclined Students (BASIS)
  • Engineering & Science Concepts Institute (ESCI)
  • International Study and Work Abroad Program
  • Minority Introduction To Engineering (MITE)
  • Premedical Concepts Institute (PCI)
  • Research Apprenticeship Program (RAP)
  • Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Enhancement Program (SMET)

We invite you to contact us so that we can avail of these and many more opportunities.