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Current Students:

We hope you are having a great semester.

For general advisement and mentoring, please see your advisor or the Department Head.

If you need any assistance with your courses, please contact your instructor. If you have problems in accessing your instructor, please call or write Mrs. Feda Sakr, Administrative Assistant or the Department Head.

The Physics Department has a bulletin board that has a lot of information on available opportunities, internships, scholarships, graduate programs, etc. Please check this area frequently since we update this information almost every week.

If you are seeking financial assistance, employment or are interested in a research opportunity, please see the Department Head. We hope to update available opportunities every semester.

You can access the course schedules and office hours of physics professors here.

The solutions of examinations/quizzes, if available, will be posted on the individual faculty member’s webpage.

You can access your transcripts here.