Physical Science Curriculum


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PHSC 1123. Physical Science Survey. (3-0) Credit 3 semester hours. Emphasizes insight into basic physical science principles and practices. Topics include physics, chemistry, and earth science aspect dealing with the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere. Corequisite: PHSC 1121.  **(PHYS 1315)

PHSC 2123. Physical Science II. (3-0) Credit 3 semester hours. A course designed for survey and introduction of basic principles of physical science and physical processes in our environment, with emphases on selected topics from chemistry and meteorology. Topics such as weather forecasting and predictions, observations, climatology, severe weather, hurricane categories, El Nino and La Nina will be studied. Prerequisite: PHSC 1123.

PHSC 3083. Science of Everyday Life. (3-0) Credit 3 Semester hours. A description of daily phenomena, demonstrating how science provides a basis for comprehending them and discusses relationships between various apparently unrelated phenomena. Pre-Requisite: PHSC 2123.

PHSC 3183 Modern Physics for Science Teachers. (3-0) Credit 3 Semester Hours. Emphasizes insight into modern physics with an introduction to the physics of the 20th century with developments of the 21st century included. PHSC 2123.

PHSC 3223 Introduction to Atmospheric Science. (3-0) Structure of the atmosphere. Physical and chemical phenomena leading to atmospheric changes. Weather patterns and climate control. On-line Weather Course is included. Prerequisites: PHSC 2123.

PHSC 4011. Earth Science Lab. (0-2) Credit 1 semester hour. Laboratory to support PHSC 4013. Exercises include: classification of minerals and rock types; water testing and analysis; field work. Also covered will be an on-line weather studies, analysis and interpretation of real-time meteorological data.

PHSC 4013. Earth Science. (3-0) Credit 4 semester hours. Designed for science teachers in junior and senior high schools.  It covers basic concepts of earth science and methods of teaching. The content covers a study of geology, meteorology, hydrology, petrology, and mineralogy. A study analysis and evaluation of some of the recent systems and techniques in the teaching of earth science. Elements from online weather studies course are included. Prerequisites: PHSC 2103 or PHYS 2123 or PHYS 2523.

PHSC 4024. Astronomy and Geology. (3-2) Credit 4 semester hours. An introduction to earth science concepts with a more advanced approach involving research materials, including astronomy, geology, paleontology, and field experiences as content materials. Prerequisites: PHSC 2103 or PHYS 2123 or PHYS 2523.

PHSC 4163. Special Topics in Physical Science. (3-0) Credit 3 Semester Hours. Selected current and emerging topics in Physical Science. Course may be repeated for credit when topics vary. Pre-Requisite: Consent of Advisor.