Master’s Theses

Most of the research projects have student participation – undergraduate and graduate. While the Physics Department currently has no graduate program, a few of the Physics Faculty serve as chairs for master’s theses.

The following is a selected list of the master’s theses by electrical engineering students under the direction of A. Anil Kumar – project title, student’s name, year of the degree, and where they are now.

  • High Temperature Superconducting Microwave Devices (1995), Ming Fang Zhang, AT&T.
  • Vector Quantization Modulation (1995), Million Woldesenbet, Lucent Technologies.
  • A Novel Communication Systems Simulator (CSIM, 1997), Adriana Caceres, Houston.
  • Image Processing and Storage With Wavelets (1998), Mayra Caceres, AT&T.
  • Bone Conduction Communication Head Set Design and Prototype Construction (1999), Gerardo Novelo, Hempstead High School.
  • Electromagnetic Interference-Electromagnetic Compatibility (2000), Singhquaverton Madden, Toshiba.
  • Computer Simulation Program for Investigating Fatal Faults (CSPIFF) in Large Scale Integrated Circuits (2002), Nadine Hobson, Hewlett-Packard.