Premkumar Saganti

Premkumar Saganti Dr. Premkumar Saganti
Title: Regent’s Professor, TAMU; Professor of Physics and Faculty of NASA-CARR (NASA Center for Applied Radiation Research); Director of CRI-RaISE (Chancellor’s Research Initiative-Radiation Institute for Science and Engineering); Director, Prairie View Solar Observatory; Physics Program Coordinator
Chair: Research Advisory Committee, Dept of Physics
Phone: (936) 261-3130
Fax: (936) 261-3149
Websites:NASA Space Radiation Program
Curriculum Vitae: Saganti.pdf


B.Sc. Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry, Andhra Christian College, India, 1982
M.Sc. Nuclear Physics, Andhra University, India, 1986
M.S. Electro Optics, University of Houston-Clear Lake, TX, 1991
Ph.D. Physics (Nuclear Structure Theory), Andhra University, India, 1994

Teaching Schedule:

Fall 2019

PHSC 1121-P02- Sci Lab
2:00-3:50 pm
PHSC 2123-P02- Physical Science II TR NSCI-122 5:00-6:20 pm
PHSC 2123-P03- Physical Science II
12:30-1:50 pm
PHSC 2123-P04- Physical Science II
4:00-5:20 pm

 Current Research:

  1. Radiation Modeling at Mars for Martian Radiation Environment Experiment (MARIE) Project, NASA-JSC (Principal Investigator)
  2. Radiation Interuniversity Science and Engineering Program(RaISE), NASA-JSC & NASA-HQ (Principal Investigator)
  3. Radiation Quantum Multiple Scattering Fragmentation (QMSFRG) Project, NASA (Principal Investigator)
  4. NASA Special Projects through Space Engineering Institute (SEI), Texas A&M University, NASA (Principal Investigator)
  5. NASA University Research center (URC), Center for Radiation Eng and Science for Space Exploration (CRESSE) project (Co-Principal Investigator)

Awards and Significant Recognitions:

  1. Oxford Round Table invitee and presenter at St. Anne’s and Thodes House, Oxford, UK, July 2008.
  2. NASA VIP Invitee for Space Shuttle Launch(STS-118) live observation at NASA-KSC, NASA-HQ, 2007.
  3. Outstanding Teacher in Physics, College of Arts and Sciences, Prairie View University,2007.
  4. Space Flight Special Team Award for Image Analysis Support of the Columbia Accident Investigation, Space and Life Sciences Directorate, NASA-JSC, June 2003.
  5. Top Flight Award- Lockheed Martin: For the support of the Columbia investigation work with Image Science and Analysis Group, June 2003.
  6. Group Achievement Award- NASA Johnson Space Center for the support of the Shuttle/Mir Program and for the Research work as a PI.
  7. Going on Extra Mile (GEM) award of recognition for supporting the Hubble Space Telescope, Service Mission-2, NASA Johnson Space Center.

Books/ Books Chapters/ NASA- Publications:

  1. Book [ISBN: 978-1-46526-857-0 ] Editors – Erickson and Saganti: Physics II- 2121/2521 Laboratory Manual, Authors – Cudnik, Bentley, Ciftja, Storr, and Rahman, 2015
  2. Book [ISBN: 978-1-46525-598-3] Editors – Erickson and Saganti: Physics I- 2111/2511 Laboratory Manual, Authors – Cudnik, Bentley, and Rahman, 2014
  3. Book [ISBN: 978-1-55899-886-5] Materials in Extreme Environment, Editors:Daryush Ila, Christian Mailhiot, and Prem Kumar Saganti, MRS Publication, 2006.
  4. Book Chapter [ISBN: 1402-01696-4] Prem Kumar Saganti, F.A Cucinotta, J.W. Wilson, et al., Radiation Climate Map for Analyzing Risks to Astronauts on the Mars, 2001 Mars Odyssey, Edited C.T Russell, Springer Verlag, NY, April 2004.
  5. Book [NASA-TP-21205] F.A Cucinotta, M.R Shavers, Prem Kumar Saganti, and J. Miller (Editors): Radiation Protection Studies of International Space Station Extravehicular Activity Space Suits, NASA/TP-JSC-212051, December 2003.
  6. Book [NASA-TP-210792] F.A Cucinotta, J.W. Wilson, P.B Saganti, X. Hu, M.Y. Kim, T.F Cleghorn, C.J. Zeitlin, and R.K Tripathi, Physics of the Isotopic Dependence of GCR Fluence Behind Shielding, NASA-TP-2003-210792, February 2003.
  7. Book [NASA-TP-29295] F.A Cucinotta, W. Shimmerling, J.W. Wilson, L. Peterson, G.D. Badhwar, P.B. Saganti, and J. Dicello, Space Radiation Cancer Risk Projections for Exploration Missions: Uncertainty Reduction and Mitigation, NASA/TP-JSC-29295, 2001.
  8. Book Chapter [ISBN-0-471-39005-4] P.B. Saganti and K.P Lulla, Windows of Opportunity- A Photo Illustration of the Mir Windows; Published as a textbook chapter, Wiley, ISBN-0-471-39005-4:Dynamic Earth Environments Ed. KP Lulla and LV Dessinov. Contributed Ch-8 as a PI of NASA Shuttle-Mir.
  9. Book [NASA-TP-28578] P.B. Saganti, Mir Window Survey; A NASA JSC Technical Document, JSC-28578,1999.
  10. Book [NASA-TP-27698] P.B. Saganti, Viewing Study of the International Space Station (ISS): A NASA JSC Technical Document,JSC-27698, 1996.