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These guidelines are for Student Organization Events, other offices and individuals in Major University Facilities. Some examples of these facilities are William J. “Billy” Nicks Fieldhouse (Baby Dome), Willie Albert Tempton, Sr. Memorial Student Center Auditorium and Ballroom and North (Front entrance and Lawn), Blackshear Stadium, Alumni Field, Student Park, etc.
Please visit the University Calendar for a listing of the current events, and to determine if the location is secure.

As the need arises, there may be “Event Planning Workshops” held each semester to aid organization officers with the process.

Items to Consider

Benefit fundraisers

If you plan to donate proceeds to an off campus entity, you must receive prior University approval (through Office of Student Engagement). The campus beneficiary must be a non-profit organization and supply a non-profit tax ID number prior to approval. Agreements with off campus promoters will be carefully reviewed to ensure that events are truly benefits and earn a sufficient return to the charity. An event budget is required before approval.


A budget should be developed to help in the planning of your event. Include all expenses (fees, publicity, room and tech costs) as well as all anticipated income (tickets and donations).

Contracts and fees

Take care in making verbal agreements, since most performer contracts are in their favor. Only the University Contract Compliance Officer may execute the contract. When negotiating fees, the organization advisor must be involved in the process. Consider carefully the fee and other performer expenses such as travel and lodging; and do not hesitate to negotiate. Seek advice from the Office of Student Engagement. Contact the University Contract Compliance Officer for more information and advice on the matter at (936)261-1741.

Facility reservations

Until you complete and return all necessary forms, the event is NOT confirmed and cannot be advertised. While time consuming, the completed forms are necessary to ensure that you have adequate funds and plans in place before other event commitments are made.

Financial arrangements

All monies collected must be deposited into your approved account, so that all ticket sales and donations can be traced and verified. Please do not use any cash collected to pay bills directly. All expenses must be paid from your approved account, and all standard financial expectations must be met. For additional information regarding on and off campus accounts, please contact the Office of Student Engagement (936)261-1340.

Paying people

As a one time employer, you are expected to either report or pay all federal and state income taxes. Performers must have a social security number or a business Employee Identification Number (EIN) and anyone not a US citizen must also have a work permit. You should pay performers from your approved accounts. Do not pay using personal checks or from the cash at the door… this is illegal because taxes are not being reported or paid.

Retail sales

Proceeds from the sale of items such as t-shirts, etc., should be immediately deposited in your approved campus or off campus accounts. Food, beverage, and alcohol sales are not permitted.

The university seal, logo, mark and name are all copyright protected and trademarked. They can  only be used with express permission from the Office of Institutional Advancement (936)261- 2128.


Security may be required for your event if the University determines that the size of the event, its scope or the level of potential risk to performers or the audience is sufficient to require University security. Call the University Police Department UPD – (936)261-1375 if you have questions on this matter.


Advance tickets are helpful in generating sales prior to the day of your event. If you sell tickets, print only enough to meet the facility capacity and number tickets consecutively. Depending on the nature of your event, you may be required to use the University Cashiers Fiscal Office, Banks Building,1st Floor, (936)261-1895.