Management & Marketing

Courses in marketing and management are offered through the Department of Management and Marketing.  For additional information, please refer to the University Catalog.

Minors Available

Business Administration, Business Analytics, Economics, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Marketing, Supply Chain Management

Degrees Offered

The preparation of managers of organizations requires a liberal arts education emphasizing an understanding of the economic, social and political issues in a multi-cultural environment. The major emphases in the management curriculum are on problem identification, analysis and solution, decision-making, business ethics, communications, team dynamics and leadership, as well as understanding and integrating the functional areas of business operations. Attention is given to the dynamic global business environment and to the immediate utilization of management skills.


Management is essential in our modern society:

  • Managers are needed in businesses, government and non-profit organizations.
  • A manager’s functions include, but are not limited to, planning, organizing and leading.
  • A manager’s responsibility is to use financial, human and information resources to attain organizational goals.
  • Managerial failure often leads to a firm’s poor financial performance. Managers have a variety of roles and titles:
    • First-line management includes supervisors or team captains.
    • Top management includes vice presidents, chief executive officers and presidents.
    • Middle management may include department managers, store managers, regional and divisional managers, plant managers and others.

Management Degree Plan


Many people think that marketing means “selling” or “advertising.” These activities are part of marketing, but much more is involved. Marketers are involved in deciding:

  • What product is to be created or manufactured;
  • How to geographically distribute the product;
  • How to price the product;
  • What promotions to use.

Objectives of the Marketing program:

  • Prepare students for professional careers in both small and large businesses.
  • Provide students with the educational background to pursue graduate or professional programs.

Marketing Degree Plan

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