Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Non-business majors now have an opportunity to learn the basic principles of business operations and new venture development as undergraduates.  Students may enroll in just three classes (nine semester credit hours) to gain critical skills in the areas of business that will give them a distinct advantage over the rest of the competition.  Contact a College of Business Advisor for details at (936) 261-9200.

Course List & Overview

Introduction to Business(MGMT 1013) – 3 Credit Hours

An overview of business operations and the role of business in modern society. Topics of current interest to the business community will be introduced.

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (MGMT 2013) – 3 Credit Hours

Provides students with functional knowledge and skills in business that are required for a broad understanding of the field of entrepreneurship.  Topics include identifying and managing critical resources, understanding financial and accounting issues, marketing and sales, and the legal environment of business. (Prerequisite: MGMT 1013).

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (MGMT 3333)- 3 Credit Hours

Students will have an opportunity to apply business knowledge and skills through experiential learning. An emphasis is placed on starting, financing, operating and growing a small business.(Prerequisite: MGMT 2013 for non-business majors; FINA 3103 and MRKT 3103 business majors).

Certificate in Entrepreneurship Information (PDF)