Student Affairs Mission


Consistent with the historical tripartite mission of the University, the Division for Student Affairs has a mission to administer a comprehensive range of student development services, activities, and programs that promote student learning and enhance the development of our students.

The Division has a strong tradition of providing services that are based on a student-centered philosophy, with the firm belief that student development services are an integral part of the total learning experience at Prairie View A&M University.  All levels within the division are directed toward achieving productive results and continuous quality improvement at all times.  As an ongoing, integrated, institution-wide process, “Excellence in service to students” provides the operational framework for this division.


Student Affairs: Vision & Goals


As a team, the division of Student Affairs works to be recognized as an exemplary administrative operation.  Student Affairs programs are designed to help prepare students to become productive citizens of a global society and successfully transition from the academy to the world of work.

Prairie View A&M University students will be able to meet the challenges of a global society.  Our vision for every student who enters the University remains: 

The graduates of Prairie View A&M University will demonstrate intellectual sophistication, astuteness in acceptable value systems, a keen awareness and appreciation for integrity and morality and a high degree of personal, interpersonal and leadership skills.


The goals of the Division for Student Affairs are threefold:

  1. To protect the security, confidentiality and integrity of student records in a university environment that supports the intellectual, cultural, physical, social, and moral development of all students. 
  2. To foster involvement in the learning community by offering co-curricula support services and activities which encourage a holistic approach to the development of students.
  3. To further the assurance that students know their rights and responsibilities as they matriculate in an environment that is relatively safe, secure, and healthy.