Office of Academic Engagement and Student Success

The Office of Academic Engagement and Student Success seeks to provide students with a high quality educational experience through relevant academic programming and support services that fosters academic success. The high quality experience will lead to students’ readiness for career integration and/or advanced degree aspiration. The OAESS fulfills this mission by offering dynamic support services including professional advising, first year experience program, second year experience program, course work, tutoring services, academic workshops, early alert system, information and referral, and testing services.

The Office of Academic Engagement and Student Success will serve as a national leader in creating an educational safe environment through programs and initiatives that are conducive for retaining and graduating a diverse ethnic and socioeconomic population of students.

  1. Promote programs and initiatives that contribute to academic success
  2. Increase the institution’s retention rate
  3. Improve undergraduate 4-year and 6-year graduation rates
  4. Prepare undergraduates for seamless career integration or advanced degree aspiration
  5. Promote safety for all students visiting or enrolled at the institution
  6. Engage in collaborative leadership with campus partners to impact student success

Student Academic Support Services

The Testing Center

The Testing Center

The Testing Center is dedicated to creating opportunities for students by offering examinations and assessments that assist in their academic and professional success. We support and promote the academic mission of the Office of Academic Engagement and Student Success by administering local, state, and national test programs to students, faculty, and the surrounding community.

Developmental Education at PVAMU

Developmental Education

Developmental Education promotes the academic success of all Prairie View A&M University students by providing effective instruction to students with diverse levels of preparedness that foster college readiness in reading, mathematics, and english in a timely manner.

The Learning Curve at PVAMU

University Tutoring Center

The University Tutoring Center is a component of the Office of Academic Engagement and Student Success at Prairie View A&M University. Need help mastering mathematics? Looking for some assistance in making sure your research paper is just right? Look no further than the University Tutoring Center.

TSI Compliance at PVAMU

TSI Compliance

The mission of the TSI Compliance office is to ensure that students who do not meet the college readiness standards, set forth by the state of Texas, are enrolled in their proper pre-college level coursework. The office tracks the students performance as they progress through the pre-college level classes.

Principles of Effective Learning at PVAMU

Summer Bridge Programs

Summer Bridge Programs are offered for incoming Freshmen. Each program has its own admission requirements and guidelines.

Programs for Minors

Programs for Minors

Prairie View A&M University offers a variety of summer camps and programs for youth ages 17 and younger.