Food & Beverage

Sodexo Campus Services (SCS) has the exclusive rights to ALL food services and distribution on the campus of Prairie View A&M University.

Sodexo Campus Services (SCS) oversees all food and beverage distribution and sales by student groups, and others on campus in order to ensure adequate health and safety guidelines are being followed. Groups wishing to conduct food and beverage distribution and sales may do so on a limited basis if they follow the guidelines listed below.

General Information

  • External catering is not allowed, unless with prior approval from SCS.
  • No outside food should be brought in at any time.
  • Student Organizations must obtain approval for all food and beverage distribution from SCS no less than seven to ten (7-10) working days prior to the scheduled sale.
  • Food and beverage must be in accordance with Food Services (936-261-1770).
  • Food and beverages must not directly compete with existing PVAMU food services e.g. having a Bar-B-Que at the same time as dinner. Contact SCS for further questions on this matter.


  • All food and beverage distribution at events require additional advance approval by the facility manager, and SCS.

Food Preparation

  • If your organization plans to prepare food for distribution, you must follow the requirements of Sodexo Food Services on campus (936)261-1770.
  • Preparation of food requires prior approval which must be obtained at least seven to ten (7-10) working days in advance.
  • In the case of Bar-B-Ques, contact SCS, and Environment, Health & Safety (936) 261-1745.

Free Distribution

Groups planning to give food away in public areas or at public events must have a solicitation/event permit for the event, and contact Food Services if necessary, e.g Sno-Cones and popcorn at an event. Please note that proper food handling techniques MUST be used when serving. Contact SCS for information and advice on this matter.

Additional Information

Extension cords for electricity must be placed away from customer traffic. Contact the Facilities Manager or the Maintenance Operations (936) 261-9700 for assistance e.g. electrical cords & generators if necessary. Additional power and lighting may also be obtained from this office.

If you have other questions, Office of Student Engagement, (936)261-1340.