Advisor Selection

Selection as an Advisor

The selection of an advisor provides a new perspective, opportunity for feedback and support to the organization. His/her experience and position with the University helps provide the ability to serve as a mentor and consultant.

There is a tendency for an organization to select an advisor and feel that it has met requirements and that nothing more is necessary. The ideal relationship between the advisor and the student organization would be a partnership providing the basis for good decision-making and leadership of the organization.

It is obvious that there is a need for communication and mutual understanding. Advisors have obligations to their organizations and to the University, and organizations have obligations to their advisor as well as the University. Ideally, the relationship between the advisor and the organization would involve trust and respect. The advisor must feel that s/he can depend on the organization to act in a manner that is responsible, and the organization must feel that is can depend on the advisor to act in a manner that is responsible as well.