Student Services Directory

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Account Summary PVPlace
Admissions – Undergraduate Office of Undergraduate Admissions 1st Floor, Anderson Hall
Admissions – Graduate Office of Graduate Admissions 209 Delco Building
Computing Services Information Technology Services 126 S. R. Collins
Disability Services Office of Disability Services 317 Evans Hall
Disciplinary Holds Director of Student Judicial Services 307 Evans Hall
Fees, payment of Treasury Services Office 124 W.R. Banks Building
or on-line at PVPlace at or mail payment to:Treasury Services
P. O. Box 519; Mail Stop 1329
Prairie View A&M University
Prairie View, TX 77446-0519
Financial Aid Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships 3rd Floor, Memorial Student Center
Grades PVPlace
ID Cards Auxiliary Support Services 107 Memorial Student Center
Loan Deferments Office of Student Financial Services 3rd Floor, Memorial Student Center
Residency Questions Administrative Assistant, Office of Undergraduate Admissions 1st Floor, Anderson Hall
Transcripts On-line at PVPlace
Texas Success Initiative & THEA Testing Office of Testing and Tracking, University College 139 Delco Building
Transfer Credits Articulation and Transfer Coordinator, Office of Undergraduate Admissions 1st Floor, Anderson Hall
Student Schedule On-line at PVPlace
Verification of Enrollment On-line at PVPlace
Veterans’ Affairs Veterans’ Affairs Representative, Office of Student Affairs 3rd Floor, Evans Hall
WebCT Center for Distance Learning 123 New Science Building
Withdrawal from University (all classes) Office of the Registrar 301 Memorial Student Center