Class Attendance Policy

Effective September 1, 1998

Class Attendance

Prairie View A&M University requires regular class attendance. Attending all classes supports full academic development of each learner whether classes are taught with the instructor physically present or via distance learning technologies such as interactive video. Excessive absenteeism, whether EXCUSED or UNEXCUSED, may result in a student’s course grade being reduced or in a student’s being assigned a grade of “F.” Absences are accumulated beginning with the first day of class during regular semesters and summer terms. Each faculty member will include the University’s attendance policy in each course syllabus.

Excused Absences

Students are required to attend all class meetings. Absences due to illness, attendance at university approved activities, and family or other emergencies constitute EXCUSED ABSENCES and must be supported by documentation presented to the instructor prior to or immediately upon the student’s return to class. Students are responsible for all oral and written examinations as well as all assignments (e.g., projects, papers, reports) whether absence is Excused or Unexcused.

Unexcused Absences

Accumulation of one week of unexcused absences (for the number of clock hours equivalent to the credit for the course) constitutes excessive absenteeism. The instructor is not required to accept assignments as part of the course requirement when the student’s absence is unexcused. Each course syllabus will include a clear statement relative to whether late or past due assignments will be accepted toward satisfying the course requirements.

A student who believes that the penalty received following violation of this attendance policy is unjust may first confer with his/her academic advisor. If necessary, the matter may be appealed in writing to the course instructor, the instructor’s department head, and finally, to the instructor’s dean who must refer the matter to the Chair, Admissions and Academic Standards Committee if it cannot be resolved within the college offering the course.

Absences on Religious Holy Days

In accordance with Texas Education Code, Section 61.003, subdivision (7), a student may be absent from classes for the observance of a religious holy day and will be permitted to take missed examinations and complete missed assignments provided the student has notified the instructor of the planned absence in writing and receipt of that notice has been acknowledged by the instructor in writing. “A religious holy day means a holy day observed by a religion whose place of worship is exempt from property taxation under the Texas Tax Code, Section 11.20.”