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My Degree Works is going live (for advisement and monitoring progress toward degree completion) on January 17, 2017 for students on catalogs from Fall 2014 through Fall 2016 *

  • 2014-2015
  • 2015-2016
  • 2016-2017

*If you are on a catalog year prior to 2014, you will still be using the current CAPP degree audit system until Fall 2017.

To access your My Degree Works account

Log in to PVPlace at: and select My Degree Works from the middle column.

NOTE:  If you get a blank page when attempting to log into My Degree Works through PVPlace, check the right side of the address bar in your browser to make sure your popups are allowed.

Degree Works is a web-based tool engineered to help students and advisors monitor students’ progress toward degree completion. My Degree Works combines PVAMU’s degree requirements and individual student’s completed coursework into an easy-to-read worksheet.

Through My Degree Works, students and advisors will be able to:

  • View the academic requirements for their degree program(s)
  • See how all completed courses apply to degree requirements
  • Identify courses needed to complete their degree(s)
  • View their grades
  • View transfer credit hours earned
  • Calculate a GPA based on their performance for the term
  • Calculate the grade combination(s) needed to achieve a goal GPA
  • Create What-If audits to process speculative degree audits based on current class history
  • And more…!

Important Note:  Degree Works is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, but is not intended to replace face-to-face advising sessions. Degree Works is neither an official academic transcript nor an official notification of completion of degree requirements.

More information on My Degree Works

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