Using My WorkSheet

Q: What will my worksheet show me?

Your worksheet will display the courses you’ve taken (both here at Montclair State University and at other institutions) and those in progress. The worksheet will show you any degree, major, minor, concentration, and additional requirements that are being met by the courses you’ve taken or that may be met upon satisfactory completion of courses in progress.

Q: Will I be able to view my entire history of courses taken at Prairie View A&M University and other schools?
Yes, Degree Works uses the information that is current for your worksheet. You will be able to view any courses that have been completed/registered for/transferred by the date your worksheet was last refreshed (data is dynamically refreshed). Keep in mind that any grade changes that have not been formally submitted and accepted will not appear on your worksheet. Certain courses may not be applied to your major if you have exceeded the allowable number of credits under the residency requirement. If you have courses not listed please contact the Registrar’s office to review your courses and complete an articulation.

Q: How do I know what classes I need to take?
Your worksheet will outline for you courses still needed to meet degree, major, minor, concentration, and/or additional requirements within each specific block. You may then use this information to discuss your academic plan with your academic advisor.

Q: Can I view course information in Degree Works?
Yes. By clicking on a course in your worksheet you can view the course description, pre-requisites required, and available course sections for the upcoming semester.

Q: If I withdraw from a class, will that be reflected in my worksheet?
Courses from which you have withdrawn will appear in the “Work Not Applicable to Program” block on your worksheet.

Q: What do some of the different areas (blocks) of my worksheet mean?
Degree in…

  • This block shows your overarching degree requirements, including the total number of credits needed and all other parts of your degree including (if applicable) university core, major, concentration, minor, and teacher education requirements.

Courses not being used for this Program

  • The credits from the courses falling in this block are counting toward the total amount of credits on your transcript. How­ever, those credits are usually over and above the credit total required for graduation. The courses falling in this block are not fulfilling any requirements for your program.

Work not applicable to Program

  • Classes falling in this block are not counting towards your degree, usually because of a grade of F, W, or IN (incomplete).

Not counted

  • Classes falling in this block are not counting towards your degree, and the credits are not counted in your credit total. Developmental classes such as MATH 0100 would fall in this block. If you are a transfer student from a Texas community college, any credits you earned at your previous institution in excess of the allowed 60 credits will show here.


  • Classes in which you are currently enrolled, or those for which you have registered for a future term, will show in this block. These classes will also show in your degree worksheet in the category that they are satisfying.

Q: What do some of the grades on my worksheet mean?
TD – Prairie View A&M University does not accept transfer grades of “D” unless they are a part of an AA, or AS from a Texas Community College or if they are the first course in a sequence of two courses where a grade of C- or better is earned in the second course.
TA, TB, TC, – Courses transferred will show with a grade of T and the letter grade earned at your previous institution.

Q: Why isn’t my transfer work meeting a requirement?
There could be two reasons. First, the course did not meet either the minimum number of credits and/or minimum grade requirement for use in your program of study. Second, all requirements have been met and this course is simply not needed.

Q: Why is Degree Works not displaying my concentration?
Degree Works will not display your concentration until you have declared it and completed the change of major form for submission to the Office of the Registrar to update your Banner records.

If there is a change of major/concentration, catalog, or grade change, etc. please allow 24 hours to see the reflection on your worksheet.  See advisor.