Student Projects


  • Mr. Golam Faruk, Quantum Dot Helium in a Magnetic Field, (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Orion Ciftja)
  • Ms. Ebony Towns, Mars Radiation Modeling – MARIE Data Analyses (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Saganti)
  • Ms. Tausha Calvin, Space Radiation Modeling – ACE/CRIS Data Analyses (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Saganti)
  • Mr. Kelvin Calvin, Radiation Transport Modeling – Visible Human Body Data (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Saganti)


  • Ms. Gloria Opoku, Radiation Biology Modeling – Data from NASA-JSC (Faculty Advisor: Dr. Saganti)

Each project has an assigned student leader, however the entire research group participates and contributes to the others’ research. Teamwork and synergy are the relevant themes.

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