Science Education Laboratory

Science Education Laboratory

The SEL is designed for students and teachers in middle and high schools:

  • To make science fun and interesting to people new to science as well as to facilitate new ways of learning;
  • To provide hands-on gadgets of learning and eye-opening demonstrations for students and pre- and in- service teachers to stimulate their interests in the physics and physical science; and 
  • To use these unique learning experiences, combined with traditional classroom and lab experiences, to provide future educators with a toolbox of methods of teaching science students of different grade levels.

The benefits to students and teachers include experience with state-of-the-art equipment, knowledge of computational modeling and simulation programs, exposure to inquiry-based learning, project synthesis and design, and problem solving and research skills. The benefits to the community, the State of Texas and the nation include an increase in the numbers of K-12 science teachers, scientifically prepared students for college, science majors and an increase in awareness in parents and community leaders of relevance of science.

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