Form Instructions

Property Transfer Form

  • Transfer must be approved by Assets Coordinator prior to physical transfer.
  • Transfer must be signed by both parties (Sending & Receiving department) before physical transfer occurs.
  • Please provide actual PV Asset number and/or serial number, description of asset.
  • After both parties have signed then the Assets Coordinator signs to complete transfer and transfer records in FAMIS.

Property Destruction Form

  • Destruction must be approved by Assets Coordinator prior to physical destruction.
  • List each item for destruction by asset number, description, make/model, serial number method of disposal and disposal date.
  • Print name of person performing destruction and witness. Both parties must sign form to complete.
  • Submit form to Assets Coordinator for removal of records in FAMIS.

Notice of Repair Form

  • List each asset by asset number, serial number and description.
  • List the name, address and telephone of vendor performing repairs.
  • List expected date of return from vender.
  • List reasons for repairs and note of problems associated with the asset.
  • Form Must be signed by Department Head/APO.

Donation Form

  • Specify the type of donation:
    • Gift, Developmental, Research or Other
  • If other, explain donation in detail.
  • List Name, Address and Telephone Number of donor.
  • Description, make/model, serial number, acquired date and Asset value.
  • Department Head/APO and Asset Coordinator must sign form.

Cancellation of Missing and stolen Form

  • List items that have been recovered, located or reported as missing/stolen and later found.
  • List asset number, description and serial number and new/current location.
  • Department Head must sign and print name on form.
  • Records will be updated in FAMIS.

Asset Information Form

  • Every line needs to be filled out and submitted to the Assets Coordinator.
  • Attach a copy of receipt/invoice for complete description of asset.
  • Submit a copy to the Procard specialist for reconciliation.

Custody Card

  • Items needed for the Custody Card:
    • Description, Date, Serial Number, Restrictions, Inventory Number, Due Date
  • Form must be signed by APO (Lender)
  • Form must be signed by APO (Recipient)
  • Form must be signed by Assets Coordinator
  • Copy must remain with Asset
  • Copy must remain with Department
  • Copy must remain with Assets Coordinator
  • Custody Card must be filled out for every item that is not physically stored or maintained in your department.
  • If equipment is loaned to anyone in or out of your department and it results in your equipment leaving your department or physical location a custody card should accompany that equipment.
  • Custody Card should have a DUE DATE not to exceed the end of any physical year.
  • If equipment is loaned to Faculty, or Staff to complete assigned duties for a permitted time, a custody card should be completed.
  • To loan equipment to other departments or groups for any period of time requires a custody card.
  • You are out of compliance with University procedures if a custody card is not used in any of these instances.