Relocation Reimbursement

The Hiring Department

  1. Prepare an E-Doc with the correct coding for the reimbursements to the employee.  Qualified moving expenses should be coded as State Employee Relocation-Qualified Expenses (object code 1925) and non-qualified moving expenses should be coded as State Employee Relocation- Non-Qualified (object code 1926).
  2. Submit supporting documentation for the E-Doc to Accounts Payable for processing. Required documents are:
    1. Copy of the offer letter.
    2. Receipts reflecting dollar amount and description.
    3. Creation/Copy of the E-Doc.
    4. Completed and approved Tax Withholding on Non-Salary Compensation Items form.  This form is only required if the reimbursement consist of non-qualified taxable expenses that are being coded to object 1926.
    5. Providing there are items coded to 1926 and the Tax Withholding form is not completed and approved, Accounts Payable will reject the packet and send back to the hiring department for completion.
  3. If the reimbursement is for a FPC (Federal Project Compliance) managed grant, above items should be submitted to the Grants and Appropriations Supervisor for verification.  After the Grants department has reviewed and approved the packet, it will be forward to Accounts Payable.