Training & Development

Opportunities to expand your abilities at PVAMU are limited only by your ambition. PVAMU is committed to providing professional development, consulting, and assessment services to support continual improvement of effectiveness, both for the individual and the organization, in alignment with the University’s strategic objectives.  Available training resources are noted below.

Employee Annual Mandatory Training:

All employees are required to complete mandated training e-courses every calendar year via TrainTraq.


TrainTraq is a learning management system available to all PVAMU employees utilizing their Single Sign On (SSO) credentials. This system offers over 600 online and in-classroom courses system-wide and more training opportunities are being added every day! Employees can access required online training and other professional development workshops/events.

Workplace Learning and Development:

A variety of topics are presented to enhance the career potential of our employees through engaging and applicable learning sessions. We believe that effective individuals and organizations never stop learning, and we are constantly seeking innovative and engaging ways to make that learning convenient and enjoyable.

Workday Training:

Sessions are provided for Departmental Processors and Liaisons, Managers, and our Management Chain to provide knowledge necessary to successful process the administrative requirements of their departments.

Drop In Learning Labs assist employees with providing assistance and guidance for all options in Employee Self Service and Management Self Service topics including, but not limited to,benefits management, request and approval of time off, submission and approval of time, maintaining a professional profile, and applying for jobs.


Ms. Renee R. Williams, Director of Equal Opportunity & Diversity has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies.

Ms. Williams can be reached at: P.O. Box 519: Mail Stop 1337; Harrington Science Building, Suite 109; Prairie View, TX 77446-0519, or by calling 936-261-1730