Third Party Billing

The Treasury Services department of Prairie View A&M University accepts third party payment from authorized vendors, businesses, and agencies offering to pay tuition and fees for students.

The following steps must be followed to ensure proper billing and payment of tuition and fees:

An education voucher, signed consent form/letter, or purchase order must be submitted to Treasury Services by the payment due date. The student must pay any amount not authorized or stated on the consent form, voucher, or purchase order by the due date. Student accounts are credited with payment amount indicated and Invoices are mailed to vendors or third party companies approximately six weeks into the semester. It is the responsibility of the student to pay any amount denied by the sponsor.

Students and vendors must adhere to proper guidelines to ensure credit and payment is processed both timely and efficient.  The link below describes the responsibilities for the student, vendor and the University.

Student, Vendor, and University Responsibilities