Employee Reimbursements

Travel and Other Reimbursements Direct Deposit Instructions:

Yes – I have a bank account

  • Please log onto SINGLE SIGN ON
  • Enter your University Identity Number (UIN) & Password
  • Click on HR Connect
  • Click on the “Payroll Data” tab at the top
  • Scroll down to Direct Deposit Information (Payroll and Accounting Reimbursement)
  • Click to Edit
  • Scroll down to Accounting System Direct Deposit Information
  • Select the appropriate information and enter alternative bank information if you wish for your direct deposit to go to bank other than you payroll direct deposit bank


  • www.pvamu.edu/forms
  • Click on Accounts Payable
  • Direct Deposit Form for PVAMU Employee Reimbursements

No– I do not have a bank account:

Please go to the PV Pay to view some banking options that are available for you. These are banks that have expressed interest in serving Prairie View Employees. Please contact the bank of your choice to open an account.