Special Issue 3 – February 2019

Applications and Applied Mathematics:
An International Journal (AAM)

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AAM Special Issue No. 3
(February 2019)
pp. 1 – 73


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Founders and Founding
Dr. Aliakbar Montazer Haghighi
Prairie View A&M University
Texas, USA
Marin Stefanov Marinov
Technical University of Sofia,  Bulgaria

Proceedings of

The International Conference on Mathematics:
An Istanbul Meeting for World Mathematicians
3-5 July 2018, Istanbul, Turkey



 (1)    Ismail Aydın and Cihan Unal
Birkhoff’s Ergodic Theorem for Weighted Variable Exponent Amalgam Spaces, pp. 1-10
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(2)    Nazlı Yazıcı Gözütok and Bahadır Özgür Güler
Elliptic Elements of a Subgroup of the Normalizer and Circuits in Orbital Graphs, pp. 11-21
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(3)    Kenan Yildirim
Active control of a Forced Mindlin-type Beam, pp. 22-34
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(4)    Yasemin Sağıroğlu, Djavvat Khadjiev, and Uğur Gözütok
Differential Invariants of Non-degenerate Surfaces, pp. 35-57
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 (5)    Zeynep Şanlı
Some Midpoint Type Inequalities for Riemann Liouville Fractional Integrals, pp. 58-73
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