Vol. 9, Issue 2 (December 2014)

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Dimitar P. Michev, Ph.D.  Jian-ao Lian, Ph.D. Arouna R. Davies, Ph.D.
 Jilian@pvamu.edu          ardavies@pvamu.edu

Vol., 9 Issue 2 (December 2014)                                                                                          Pages 449 – 825


(1) Subuhi Khan and Ahmed Ali Al-Gonah
Certain results for the Laguerre-Gould Hopper polynomials, 449-466
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(2) Layachi Hadji
Long wavelength analysis of a model for the geographic spread of a disease, 467-478
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(3) Victor Dévoué
On a nonlinear hyperbolic partial differential equation with irregular data, 479-503
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(4) G. Marimuthu and B. Johnson
Private out-domination number of generalized de Bruijn digraphs, 504-517
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(5) R. Noorossana, H. Izadbakhsh and M. R. Nayebpour
A Likelihood Ratio Test Approach to Profile Monitoring in Tourism Industry, 518-527
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(6) Reza Ahmadi Jirdehi, Hamidreza Talebi Mamoudan and Hossein Hassanpanah Sarkaleh
Applying GMDH-type Neural Network and Particle warm Optimization for Prediction of Liquefaction Induced Lateral Displacements, 528-540
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(7) Amruta Daga and V.H. Pradhan
A novel approach for solving Burger’s equation, 541-552
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(8) Hunegnaw Dessie and N. Kishan
Scaling group analysis on MHD free convective heat and mass transfer over a stretching surface with suction / injection, heat source/sink considering viscous dissipation and chemical reaction effects, 553-572
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(9) R. Farnoosh, S.J. Mortazavi and M. Hajebi
A Semiparametric Estimation for Regression Functions in the Partially Linear Autoregressive Time Series Model, 573-591
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(10) B. Dubeya, Atasi Patraa and S. K. Sahanib
Modelling the Dynamics of a Renewable Resource under harvesting with taxation as a control variable, 592-621
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(11) Asad A. Freihat and Ali H. Handam
Solution of the SIR models of Epidemics Using MSGDTM, 622-636
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(12) Özlem Işık, Zeynep Fidan Koçak and Emre Eroğlu
The Investigation of Surplus of Energy and Signal Propagation at Time-Domain Waveguide Modes, 637-645
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(13) Zhang Yu and Xu Gui-Qiong
Integrability and exact solutions for a (2+1)-dimensional variable-coefficient KdV equation, 646-658
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(14) Kamalendra Kumar and Rakesh Kumar
Existence of Mild Solutions for Semilinear Impulsive Functional Mixed Integro-differential Equations with Nonlocal Conditions, 659-671
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(15) M.N. Srinivas, A. Sabarmathi, K. Shiva Reddy and M.A.S. Srinivas
An optimal harvesting strategy of a three species syn-ecosystem with commensalism and stochasticity, 672-695
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(16) Ercan Tunç
Oscillation Results for Even Order Trinomial Functional Differential Equations with Damping, 696-717
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(17) Deepak Kumar Srivastava, Nirmal Srivastava and Raja Ram Yadav
Steady quadratic Stokes flow past deformed sphere: a novel perturbation technique, 718-762
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(18) J.I. Oahimire and B. I Olajuwon
Effects of Radiation Absorption and Thermo-diffusion on MHD Heat and Mass Transfer Flow of a Micro-polar Fluid in the Presence of Heat Source, 763-779
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(19) S. K. Vaidya and N. H. Shah
Domination Integrity of Some Path Related Graphs, 780-794
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(20) S. Ananthalakshmi, C. Vijayalakshmi and V. Ganesan
Modern Approach for Designing and Solving Interval Estimated Linear Fractional Programming Models, 795-810
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(21) R. Ponraj and S. Sathish Narayanan
Difference cordial labeling of graphs obtained from triangular snakes, 811-825
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