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  • The Authors hereby assign to AAM, for the full term of copyright and distribution of research. Once a manuscript is given a reference number, it will become a property of AAM and AAM will be the Permanent Owner and distributor of the manuscript with all its copyrights.
  • As it is a general principle of scholarly communication, the Editor-in-Chief of AAM or his designee is the solely and independently responsible for deciding which manuscript submitted to AAM will be published.
  • After completion of review and possible revisions, if a manuscript were rejected, the copyright will be nullified. However, if it is accepted, in response to the Letter of Acceptance from the Editor-in-Chief or his designee, the authors and/or the corresponding author submitting the manuscript are/is required to state his/her agreement with the AAM’s Copyright policy mentioned in this item by stating this fact in a return reply e-mail. This will endorse the AAM’s Permanent Ownership of the manuscript.
  • AAM shall post a notice of copyright in AAM’s name in conformity with the United States Copyright Act and the Universal Copyright Convention. AAM shall have the right to register the copyright in the Work with the United States Copyright Office. Any textual or illustrative material prepared for the Work by AAM at its expense may be copyrighted separately in AAM’s name.
  •  All rights in and to the “Appearance of the Manuscript”, includes the design and typography, will belong to AAM.
  •  A manuscript may be withdrawn (removed or retracted) within 30 days from the date of assignment of reference number by AAM’s Editor-in-Chief or his designee. However, the Editor-in-Chief or his designee of AAM reserves the right to consider a request for withdrawal of a manuscript by the author at his/her will.
  • In an extremely rare occasion, it may be necessary to remove a published paper from the online cite of AAM. Such action is the authority of AAM’s Editor-in-Chief or his designee only.