Vol. 13, Issue 2 (December 2018)

Applications and Applied Mathematics:
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Vol. 13, Issue 2, (December  2018)                                                          pp.566-1272


(1)       G. Kannadasan & N. Sathiyamoorth
The analysis of M/M/1 queue with working vacation in fuzzy environment, pp. 566-577
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(2)       G. Ayyappan and T. Deepa
Analysis of batch arrival bulk service queue with multiple vacation closedown essential and optional repair, pp. 578-599
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(3)       G. Ayyappan and R. Supraja
Batch Arrival bulk Service Queue with Unreliable Server, Second Optional Service, Two Different Vacations and Restricted Admissibility Policy, pp. 600-627
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(4)       A. Azhagappan, E. Veeramani, W. Monica and K. Sonabharathi
Transient Solution of an M/M/1 Retrial Queue with Reneging from Orbit, pp. 628-638
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(5)       G. Ayyappan and M. Nirmala
An MX/G(a,b)/1 Queue with Breakdown and Delay Time to Two Phase Repair Under Multiple Vacation, pp. 639-663
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(6)       Gholamhossein Yari and _Zahra Tondpour
Some New Discretization Methods With Application in Reliability, pp. 664-676
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(7)       Zhimin Chen, Xiuxiang Liu and Zhongzhong Xie
Stability of Delayed Virus Infection Model with a General Incidence Rate and Adaptive Immune Response, pp. 677-708
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(8)       Ashok Mondal, A.K. Pal and G.P. Samanta
Stability and Bifurcation Analysis of a Delayed three Species Food Chain Model with Crowley-Martin Response Function, pp. 709-749
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(9)       Feng Qi
Simplifying Coefficients in a Family of Ordinary Differential Equations Related to the Generating Function of the Laguerre Polynomials, pp. 750-755
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(10)       Esra Erkuş-Duman and Hakan Ciftci
Fibonacci and Lucas Differential Equations, pp. 756-763
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(11)       Mamta Kumari and Y.S. Valaulikar
On Chaplygin’s Method for First Order Neutral Differential Equation, pp. 764-780
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(12)       Hasib Khan, Cemil Tunç, Rahmat Ali Khan, Akhtyar Gul Shirzoi, and Aziz Khan
Approximate Analytical Solutions of Space-Fractional Telegraph Equations by Sumudu Adomian Decomposition Method, pp. 781-802
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(13)       Mehmet Yavuz and Burcu Yaşkıran
Conformable Derivative Operator in Modelling Neuronal Dynamics, pp. 803-817
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(14)       Abdullah A. Ansari
The Circular Restricted Four-Body Problem with Triaxial Primaries and Variable Infinitesimal Mass, pp. 818-838
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(15)       K. Choudhury and N. Ahmed
Soret Effect on Transient MHD Convective Flow past a Semi-infinite Vertical Porous Plate with Heat Sink and Chemical Reaction, pp. 839-853
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(16)       Mohammed M. Babatin
Numerical Treatment for the Flow of Casson uid and Heat Transfer Model over an Unsteady Stretching Surface in the Presence of Internal Heat Generation/Absorption and Thermal Radiation, pp. 854-862
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(17)       Bharti Kumari, Anil Kumar, Manushi Gupta and Santwana Mukhopadhyay
Analysis of a recent heat conduction model with a delay for thermoelastic interactions in an unbounded medium with a spherical cavity, pp. 863-891
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(18)       Tara Dhakate, Vinod Varghese, and Lalsingh Khalsa
Thermoelastic Stress Analysis of a Functionally Graded Transversely Isotropic Hollow Cylinder in Elliptical Coordinates, pp. 892-914
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(19)       Khadijah M. Abualnaja
Numerical Studies for MHD Flow and Gradient Heat Transport Past a Stretching Sheet with Radiation and Heat Production via DTM, pp. 915-924
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(20)       M. M. Khader
Quasi-Linearization Method with Rational Legendre Collocation Method for Solving MHD Flow over a Stretching Sheet with Variable Thickness and Slip Velocity which Embedded
in a Porous Medium, pp. 925-932
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(21)       S. K. Hui, S. K. Yadav and S. K. Chaubey
η-Ricci Soliton on 3-Dimensional 𝑓-Kenmotsu Manifolds, pp. 933-951
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(22)       A. Temgoua, Y. Malong, J. Mbang, and S. Bowong
Parameter Estimation and Optimal Control of the Dynamics of Transmission of Tuberculosis with Application to Cameroon, pp. 952-974
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(23)       Dambaru Bhatta
Linear Stability Analysis with Solution Patterns Due to Varying Thermal Diffusivity for a Convective Flow in a Porous Medium, pp. 975-984
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(24)       Mostafa Eslami
Global Range Restricted GMRES for Linear Systems with Multiple Right Hand Sides, pp. 985-996
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(25)       Khalid Khan, D. K. Lobiyal and Adem Kilicman
A de Casteljau Algorithm for Bernstein type Polynomials Based on (p, q)-Integers,, pp. 997-1017
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(26)       Ismat Beg and Hemant Kumar Pathak
Coincidence Point with Application to Stability of Iterative Procedure in Cone Metric Spaces, pp. 1018-1038
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(27)       Tabasam Rashid, Ismat Beg, and Raja Noshad Jamil
Induced Hesitant 2-Tuple Linguistic Aggregation Operators with Application in Group Decision Making, pp. 1039-1075
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(28)       Vandana
Analysis of an Inventory Model with Time-Dependent Deterioration and Ramp-Type Demand Rate: Complete and Partial Backlogging, pp. 1076-1092
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(29)       Nejla Özmen and Şule Soytürk
Generalized Sylvester Polynomials of in Several Variables, pp. 1093-1109
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(30)       Ilija Jegdić
Numerical Study of Singular and Delta Shock Solutions Using a Large Time Step Method, pp. 1110-1122
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(31)       R. Jana, A. K. Das and S. Sinha
On Processability of Lemke’s Algorithm, pp. 1123-1131
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(32)       R.Srivastava and Yamini Singh
An Interpolation Process on the Roots of Ultraspherical Polynomials, pp. 1132-1140
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(33)       Asif Khan and 2 Vinita Sharma
Some results on Lupaş (p, q)-Bernstein operators and its limit form, pp. 1142-1156
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(34)       Rekha Bali and Nivedita Gupta
Study of Transport of Nanoparticles with K-L Model through a Stenosed Microvessels, pp. 1157-1170
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(35)       Pooja Bansal and Mohammad Hasan Shahid
Non-existence of Hopf real Hypersurfaces in Complex Quadric with Recurrent Ricci Tensor, pp. 1171-1183
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(36)       Aakif Fairooze Talee, M. Y. Abbasi , and S. A. Khan
An investigatiozn on Prime and Semiprime Fuzzy Hyperideals in Po-Ternary Semihypergroups, pp. 1184-1199
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(37)       Shipra Chauhan, Dinesh Kumar and Bhavneet Kaur
Restricted Three-Body Problem Under the Effect of Albedo when Smaller Primary is a Finite Straight Segment, pp. 1200-1215
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(38)       Parveen Lata
Fractional order thermoelastic thick circular plate with two temperatures in frequency domain, pp. 1216-1229
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(39)       Amit Mittal, Monika Arora, Md Sanam Suraj, and Rajiv Aggarwal
The basins of convergence in the planar restricted four-body problem with variable mass, pp. 1230-1247
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(40)       Ali H. Alkhaldi, Abid Kamal
Another characterization of warped product submanifolds of nearly cosymplectic manifolds, pp. 1248-1259
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(41)       Hemangini Shukla, Hema C. Surati and M.G. Timol
Similarity analysis of three dimensional nanofluid flow by deductive group theoretic method, pp. 1260-1272
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