Vol. 13, Issue 1 (June 2018)

Applications and Applied Mathematics:
An International Journal (AAM)

ISSN: 1932-9466


Dr. Aliakbar Montazer Haghighi, Ph. D.

Professor and Head of Department of Mathematics
Prairie View A&M University
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Vol. 13, Issue 1, (June 2018)                                                          pp.1-565


(1)       Mark Shattuck and Elif Tan
Incomplete Generalized (p; q; r)-Tribonacci Polynomials, 1-18
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(2)       E. Bahrami Samani
Approximation to Multivariate Normal Higher Dimensional Probabilities in Mixed – Data model with Missing Responses, 19-29
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(3)       Areeb Tahir, Ahmad Saeed Akhter and Muhammad Ahsan ul Haq
Transmuted New Weibull-Pareto Distribution and its Applications, 30-46
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(4)       Gholamhossein Yari and Zahra Tondpour
Estimation of the Burr XII-exponential Distribution Parameters, 47-66
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(5)       M.S. Barak, Neeraj and Sudesh Kumari
Profit Analysis of a Two Unit Cold Standby System Operating Under Different Weather Conditions Subject to Inspection, 67-83
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(6)       E. Jalali Farahani and T. Baghfalaki
Multiple-Model Multiple Imputation for Longitudinal Count Data to Address Uncertainty in Missingness Mechanism, 84-96
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(7)       Ali Ebrahimnejad and Ezzatallah Baloui Jamkhaneh
System reliability using generalized intuitionistic fuzzy Rayleigh lifetime distribution, 97-113
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(8)       P.A. Ejegwa
Homomorphism of Fuzzy Multigroups and Some of its Properties, 114-129
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(9)       V.S. Kulkarni and Vinayaki Parab
Generalized problem of thermal bending analysis in the Cartesian domain, 130-149
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(10)       Lakhveer Kaur, Madhuchanda Rakshit and Sandeep Singh
A new approach to solve multi-objective transportation problem, 150-159
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(11)       Mohd. Arif and Ravi Kumar Sagar
Study of the Restricted Three Body Problem When One Primary is an Uniform Circular Disk, 160-172
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(12)       Charanpreet Kaur, Binay Kumar Sharma, L.P. Pandey
Resonance in the Motion of a Geocentric Satellite due to Poynting-Robertson Drag, 173-189
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(13)       H.S. Mehta and U.P. Acharya
Distance Product of Graphs, 190-198
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(14)       Linda D. Oudjedi and Moussadek Remili
Ultimate Boundedness and Periodicity results for a certain system of Third-Order nonlinear Vector Delay Differential Equations, 199-216
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(15)       Manju Agarwal and Preeti
A Mathematical Study for the Existence and Survival of Human Population in a Polluted Environment, 217-234
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(16)       A. Laouar and I. Mous
An Accelerate Process for the Successive Approximations Method in the Case of Monotonous Convergence, 235-247
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(17)       Mohd Ishtyak and Rais Ahmad
An Ishikawa type iterative algorithm for solving a generalized variational inclusion problem involving difference of monotone operators, 248-258
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(18)       D.B. Dhaigude, Swati N. Kanade and C.D. Dhaigude
Solution for System of Fractional Partial Differential Equations, 259-273
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(19)       Lakshmi Narayan Mishra, P.K. Das, P.Samanta, M. Misra and U.K. Misra
On Indexed Absolute Matrix Summabilty of an Infinite Series, 274-285
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(20)       Nadeem Ansari, R S Chandel and Rizwana Jamal
On b-chromatic number of prism graph families, 286-295
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(21)       Nirmala P. Ratchagar and S.V. Hemalatha
Study of spilled oil behavior on the topsoil induced by thermal diffusion, 296-314
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(22)       Vimlesh Kumar Gupta and Poonam Sharma
Hypergeometric inequalities for certain unified classes of multivalent harmonic functions, 315-332
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(23)       L. Saeedi and A. Tari
A numerical method for functional Hammerstein integro-differential equations, 333-353
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(24)       B. Barani nia and A. Borumand Saeid
Study of Pseudo BL–Algebras in View of Left Boolean Lifting Property, 354-381
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(25)       Chinwendu E. Madubueze, Anande R. Kimbir and Terhemen Aboiyar
Global Stability of Ebola Virus Disease Model with Contact Tracing and Quarantine, 382-403
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(26)       Y. Abd Elmaboud and Tarek G. Emam
Cilia Transport for Micropolar Fluid Through a Uniform Cylindrical Tube, 404-425
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(27)       Fatma Ertuğral, Mehmet Zeki Sarikaya and Hüseyin Budak
On Refinements of Hermite-Hadamard-Fejér Type Inequalities for Fractional Integral Operators, 426-442
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(28)       Keshav Prasad Yadav and Adarsh Kumar
A Method of Deriving Companion Identities Associating q-Series, 443-453
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(29)       Gurunath Sankad and Mallinath Dhange
Slip and chemical reaction effects on peristaltic transport of a couple stress fluid through a permeable medium with complaint wall, 454-471
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(30)       Sumit Saha, Nabendu Sen, and Biman Kanti Nath
Inventory Model with Ramp-type Demand and Price Discount on Back Order for Deteriorating Items under Partial Backlogging, 472-483
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(31)       U.S. Rajput and Gaurav Kumar
Rotation and radiation effects on MHD flow past an inclined plate with variable wall temperature and mass diffusion in the presence of Hall current, 484-495
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(32)       Abdullah Kablan, Mehmet Akif Çetin, and Manaf Dzh. Manafov
The Finite Spectrum of Sturm-Liouville Operator with δ-Interactions, 496-507
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(33)       Sushil Chandra Dimri and Mangey Ram
Flow Maximization Problem as Linear Programming Problem with Capacity Constraints, 508-515
PDF Document

(34)       U.S. Rajput and Mohammad Shareef
Study of Soret, Hall and Ion slip effects in MHD flow near the Oscillating Vertical Plate in a Rotating System, 516-534
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(35)       Endalew Getnet Tsega and V.K. Katiyar
Finite Element Solution of the Two-dimensional Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Using MATLAB, 535-565
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