Vol. 11, Issue 2 (December 2016)

Applications and Applied Mathematics:
An International Journal (AAM)

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Dimitar P. Michev, Ph.D. Jian-ao Lian, Ph.D.  James R. Valles, III, Ph.D.

Vol. 11, Issue 2, (December 2016)                                                 pp.489-969


(1) Saminu I. Bala and Ibrahim Yusuf
Markov Chain Profit Modelling and Evaluation between Two Dissimilar Systems under Two Types of Failures, 489-503
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(2) K. Sathiya and G. Ayyappan
[X]/(G1;G2)/1 Queue with Two Types service, Optional Re-service and General Vacation Distribution,
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(3) Abbes Rabhi and Sara Soltani
Exact asymptotic errors of the hazard conditional rate kernel for functional random fields,
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(4) Ghulam Mustafa and Muhammad Tahseen Iqbal
A 10-point Approximating Subdivision Scheme Based on Least Squares Technique, 559-575
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(5) Shashikant B. Mulay, John J. Quinn and Mark A. Shattuck
A Generalized Polynomial Identity Arising from Quantum Mechanics,
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(6)  Ali Ebadian, Shahram Najafzadeh, Foroozan Farahrooz and Amirahmad Khajehnasiri
On the convergence of two-dimensional fuzzy Volterra-Fredholm integral equations by using Picard method
, 585-598
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(7) Rais Ahmad, Iqbal Ahmad and Mijanur Rahaman
Random variational-like inclusion and random proximal operator equation for random fuzzy mappings in Banach spaces
, 599-613
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 (8)  Riyaz Ahmad Padder and P. Murugadas
Reduction of a nilpotent intuitionistic fuzzy matrix using implication operator
,   614-631
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(9)  Rekha Bali, Nivedita Gupta and Swati Mishra
Dispersion Characteristics of non-Newtonian fluid during transportation of nanoparticles in permeable capillary, 632-645
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 (10) Nirmala P. Ratchagar and S. Senthamilselvi
Analysis of Groundwater Contaminants Using Aris Dispersion Model, 646-662
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(11)  G. C. Sankad and Asha Patil
Impact of Permeable Lining of the Wall on the Peristaltic Flow of Herschel Bulkley Fluid, 663-679
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 (12) R. Bhuvana Vijaya, K. Maruthi Prasad and C. Umadevi
A mathematical model for micropolar fluid flow through an artery with the effect of stenosis and post stenotic dilatation
, 680-692
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(13) U. S. Rajput and Gaurav Kumar
Unsteady MHD Flow Past an Impulsively Started Inclined Plate with Variable Temperature and Mass Diffusion in the presence of Hall current, 693-703
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(14) R.V.M.S.S KiranKumar, V.C.C.Raju, P. Durga Prasad and S.V.K. Varma
Heat and Mass Transfer in MHD Micropolar Fluid in The Presence of Diffusion Thermo and Chemical Reaction, 704-721
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(15) Jyoti Prakash, Renu Bala, Kanu Vaid and Vinod Kumar
On Arresting the Complex Growth Rates in Rotatory Triply Diffusive Convection, 722-734
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(16) S. Ravi Kumar
Hydromagnetic peristaltic transportation with porous medium through an asymmetric vertical tapered channel and joule heating, 735-747
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(17) R. Kumar, N. Sharma and P. Lata
Effects of time and diffusion phase-lags in a thick circular plate due to a ring load with axisymmetric heat supply, 748-765
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(18) Avipsita Chatterjee, Uma Basu and B.N. Mandal
Solution of a Cauchy singular fractional integro-differential equation in Bernstein polynomial basis,

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(19) Pravin Bhad, Vinod Varghese, and Lalsingh Khalsa
Heat source thermoelastic problem in a hollow elliptic cylinder under time-reversal principle, 780-797
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(20) N. Singha and C. Nahak
A Numerical Scheme for Generalized Fractional Optimal Control Problems, 798-814
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(21) A. Elsaid, S. Shamseldeen and S. Madkour
Iterative Solution of Fractional Diffusion Equation Modelling Anomalous Diffusion, 815-827
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(22) Abhishek Singh
On the Exchange Property for the Mehler-Fock Transform , 828-839
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(23) Devendra Kumar
On the Slow Growth and Approximation of Entire Function Solutions of Second-Order Elliptic Partial Differential Equations on Carath´eodory Domains , 840-855
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 (24) Hüseyin Budak and Mehmet Zeki Sarikaya
Weighted Inequalities for Riemann-Stieltjes Integrals, 856-874
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(25) M. S. Borkar and N. P. Gaikwad
Non-Inflationary Bianchi Type VI0 Model in Rosen’s Bimetric Gravity
, 875-887
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(26) Deepmala1, N. Subramanian2 and Lakshmi N. Mishra
Generalized I of strongly Lacunary of c2 over pmetric spaces defined by Musielak Orlicz function,

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(27) M. M. Khader and A. Borhanifar
Implementation of the matrix di_erential transform method for obtaining an approximate solution of some nonlinear matrix evolution equations,
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(28) Anwar Alwardi
Matching Transversal Edge Domination in Graphs, 919-929
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(29) Ali Moghani
Study on the Q-Conjugacy Relations for the Janko Groups, 930-942
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(30) Nasir Taghizadeh and Mona Najand Foumani
Complex solutions of the time fractional Gross-Pitaevskii (GP) equation with external potential by using a reliable method
, 943-956
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(31) Ah.Al-Sharif and Kh. Qaraman
Some Results on f-Simultaneous Chebyshev Approximation   method
, 957-969
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