Vol. 10, Issue 1, (June 2015)

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Vol. 10, Issue 1. (June 2015)                                                                                                 Page 1 – 633


(1) Amina Angelika Bouchentouf and Hanane Sakhi
A note on an M/M/s queueing system with two reconnect and two redial orbits, 1-12
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(2) P. Rajadurai, M.C. Saravanarajan and V.M. Chandrasekaran
Analysis of repairable M[X]/(G1,G2)/1-feedback retrial G-queue with balking and
starting failures under at most J vacations,
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(3) Mark Shattuck
Combinatorial Identities for Incomplete Tribonacci Polynomials, 40-49
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(4) Qidi Peng, Henry Schellhorn and Lu Zhu
Generating Random Vectors Using Transformation with Multiple Roots and
its Applications,
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(5) M. Ahsanullah and Mohamed Habibullah
Estimation of the parameters of Exponential distribution using top-K-lists, 71-80
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(6) N‎. ‎Jafari‎, ‎E‎. ‎Tabrizi and E‎. ‎Bahrami Samani
Gaussian Copula Mixed Models with Non-Ignorable Missing Outcomes, 81-105
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(7) Monika Saini & Ashish Kumar
Exponential Type Product Estimator for Finite Population Mean with
Information on Auxiliary Attribute, 106-113
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(8) Omar Belabbaci, Abbes Rabhi and Sara Soltani
Strong uniform consistency of hazard function with functional explicatory
variable in the single functional index model under censored data,
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(9) Nasir Taghizadeh, Mona Najand Foumani and Vahid Soltani Mohammadi
New Exact Solutions of the Perturbed Nonlinear Fractional Schr¨odinger
Equation by Using Two Reliable Methods,
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(10) A. N. Mohapatra
Hyers-Ulam and Hyers-Ulam-Aoki-Rassias stability for linear ordinary
differential equations,
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(11) A. Taghavi, A. Babaei and A. Mohammadpour
Application of Reduced Differential Transform Method for Solving Nonlinear
Reaction-Diffusion-Convection Problems,
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(12) J. Mohapatra and M. K. Mahalik
Optimal Error Estimate of Upwind Scheme on Adaptive grid for Two Parameter
Singular Perturbation Problem, 171-194
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(13) Saeide Sefidi Taban Baghfalaki Mojtaba Ganjali
A Semi-parametric Approach for Analyzing Longitudinal Measurements with
Non-ignorable Missingness Using Regression Spline,
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(14) Marwan Alquran, Safwan Al-Shara, Sabreen Al-Nimrat
Kink, singular soliton and periodic solutions to class of nonlinear equations,
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(15) M. SajidZ, Abbas, N. Ali and T. Javed
A Hybrid Variational Iteration Method for Blasius Equation,
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(16) A. Gracia, D. N. Riahi and R. Roy
Mathematical modeling of two-dimensional unsteady flow in growing tumor,
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(17) Manju Agarwal and Archana S. Bhadauria
Mathematical modeling and analysis of Leukemia: effect of external engineered
T cells infusion, 249-266
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(18) A. M. Siddiqui, Hameed Ashraf , T. Haroon, and A. Walait
On the analytic solution for the steady drainage of magnetohydrodynamic
(MHD) Sisko fluid film down a vertical belt,
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(19) José C. Pedro, Mapundi K. Banda and Precious Sibanda
Implicit-explicit higher-order time integration schemes for computations of
structural dynamics with fluid-structure interaction, 287-311
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(20) N. Sandeep, C. Sulochana, C.S.K. Raju, M. Jayachandra Babu and V. Sugunamma
Unsteady boundary layer flow of thermophoretic MHD nanofluid past a
stretching sheet with space and time dependent internal heat source/sink, 312-327
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(21) Sanjib Sengupta
Free Convective Chemically Absorption Fluid Past an Impulsively Accelerated
Plate with Thermal Radiation Variable Wall Temperature and Concentrations,
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(22) Munish Kansal, V. Kanwar and Saurabh Bhatia
On Some Optimal Multiple Root-Finding Methods and their Dynamics, 349-367
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(23) Zahra Teimouri and Ali Reza Taheriyoun
Testing Equality of Locally Stationary Covariances with Application to Mortality
Rate Modeling,
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(24) Samadyuti Haldar , Kunal Chakraborty and T. K. Kar
Controllability of an eco-epidemiological system with disease transmission
delay: A theoretical study, 382-420
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(25) P. L. Sharma, Satish Kumar and Mansi Rehan
On factorization of a special type of vandermonde rhotrix, 421-439
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(26) Manju Agarwal and Vinay Verma
A stage-structured two species competition mathematical model under the
effect of disease, 440-459
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(27) P.K. Singh, K. Vishal and T. Som
Solution of fractional Drinfeld-Sokolov-Wilson equation using Homotopy
perturbation transform method, 460-472
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(28) Devajyoti Biswas and Moumita Paul
Suspension model for blood flow through a tapering catheterized inclined
artery with asymmetric stenosis, 473-494
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(29) Muhammad Gulistan, Muhammad Shahzad, Sarfraz Ahmed, Mehwish Ilyas
Characterization of Gamma Hemirings by Generalized Fuzzy Gamma Ideals,
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(30) B. Hari Prasad
On the Stability of a Three Species Syn-Eco-System with Mortality Rate for the
Third Species, 521-535
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(31) G. Marimuthu, B. Suganya , S. Kalaivani and M. Balakrishnan
E-super vertex magic labeling of graphs and some open problems, 536-543
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(32) Abbas Sayadi Bander, Vahid Morovati, Hadi Basirzadeh
A Super Non-dominated Point for Multi-objective Transportation Problem,
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(33) S.P. Pawar, K.C. Deshmukh, and G.D. Kedar
Thermal stresses in functionally graded hollow sphere due to non-uniform
internal heat generation, 552-569
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(34) Moumita Deb and P. K. De
Optimal Solution of A Fully Fuzzy Linear Fractional Programming Problem By
using Graded Mean Integration Representation Method,
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(35) Zahra Rezaei Ghahroodi, Taban Baghfalaki, and Mojtaba Ganjali
Outlier Detection and a Method of Adjustment for the Iranian Manufacturing
Establishment Survey Data,
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(36) Gokul KC, Dil Bahadur Gurung, and Pushpa Raj Adhikary
Mathematical Model: Comparative Study of Thermal Effects of Laser in Corneal
Refractive Surgeries, 609-619
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(37) Zh. Thmasebinejad and E. Tabrizi
Sensitivity Analysis in Correlated Bivariate Continuous and Binary Responses,
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