Vol. 11, Issue 1, (June 2016)

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Dr. Dimitar P. Michev Dr. Jian-ao- Lian Dr.  James R. Valles, Jr.,
dimichev@pvamu.edu jilian@pvamu.edu jrvalles@pvamu.edu

Vol. 11, Issue 1, (June 2016)                               pp. 1-488



(1)  Jian-ao Lian and Yonghui Wang
Construction of Energy Preserving QMF, 1-44
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(2)  Rakesh Ranjan, R. K. Sharma, M. Hanmandlu
Color image encryption and decryption using Hill Cipher associated with Arnold transform, 45-60
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 (3) G. Ayyappan and P. Thamizhselvi
Priority Queueing System with a Single Server Serving Two Queues  with Balking and Optional Server Vacation, 61-82
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(4) Francis Erebholo, Paul Bezandry, Victor Apprey, John Kwagyan
Analysis of Incomplete Longitudinal Binary Data-A Combined Markov’s Transition and Logistic Model for Non-ignorable Missingness, 83-96
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(5)  Alireza Zahedian and Roshanak Aliakbari Saba
Measurement Error Estimation Methods in Survey Methodology, 97-114
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 (6)  Farzad  Noubary and Reza Noubary
Survival Analysis of the Men’s 100 Meter Dash Record, 115-126
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(7)  C.C. Hong
Thermal Vibration of Magnetostrictive Functionally Graded Material Shells with the Transverse Shear Deformation Effects, 127-151
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(8)  Timur Ayhan and Cemil Tunç
On the Global Existence and Boundedness of Solutions of Nonlinear Vector Differential Equations of Third Order, 152-161
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(9)  Hossein Jafari and Hassan Kamil Jassim
A New Approach for Solving System of Local Fractional Partial Differential Equations, 162-173
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(10) Ilknur Koca and  Elif Demirci
On Local Asymptotic Stability of q-Fractional Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, 174-183
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(11) Rajeev K Bansal
Approximate Analytical Solution of Boussinesq Equation in Homogeneous Medium with Leaky Base, 184-191
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(12)  M.S. Borkar, S.S. Charjan and V.V. Lepse
Bianchi Type-I Hyperbolic Models with Perfect Fluid and Dark Energy in Bimetric Theory of Gravitation, 192-214
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(13)  M.S. Borkar  and N.K. Ashtankar
LRS Bianchi Type-II Cosmological Model with String Bulk Viscous Fluid and Magnetic Field in Barber’s Second Self Creation Theory, 215-228
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(14)  Pratishtha Shukla and Amritha Jayadev
LRS Bianchi type-I cosmology with gamma law EoS in f(R; T) gravity, 229-237
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(15)   N. R. Jain and   M.G. Timol
Non-Newtonian Prandtl fluid over stretching permeable surface, 238-250
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(16)  Tariq Javed, Abuzar Ghaffari and Tasawar Hayat
Enhancement of heat transfer in elastico-viscous fluid due to nanoparticles, where the fluid is impinging obliquely to the stretchable surface: A numerical study, 251-265
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(17)  N. Ahmed, A. H. Sheikh and D. P. Barua
Effect of Fluid Suction on an Oscillatory MHD Channel Flow with Heat Transfer, 266-284
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(18)  Gholam Hassan Shirdel and Hassan Rezapour
Dynamic Network Flows with Uncertain Costs Belonging to Interval,  285-299
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(19)  Shantha K. Kumari and Vasudevan T. M. Nambisan
On a double integral involving the I-function of two variables, 300-306
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(20)  Ekta Mittal, Rupakshi Mishra Pandey and Sunil Joshi
On Extension of Mittag-Leffler Function, 307-316
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(21) P. L. Sharma, Satish Kumar and Mansi Rehan
On Factorization of a Special Type of Vandermonde Rhotrix,  317-338
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 (22Sh. Al-Sharif and Kh. Qaraman
Some Results on f-Simultaneous Chebyshev Approximation, 339-350
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(23) Nirmala P. Ratchagar and S.V. Hemalatha
Mathematical model to study the spread of spilled oil in the soil,351-363
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 (24)  W.K. Zahra, W.A. Ouf and M.S. El-Azab
A robust uniform B-spline collocation method for solving the generalized PHI-four equation, 364-376
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(25)  Anupama Gupta
Applications of Composite Convolution Operators, 377-388
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 (26) Yannick Tchaptchie Kouakep
Upper, lower solutions and analytic semigroups for a model with diffusion, 389-396
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(27)  S. K. Vaidya and R. M. Pandit
Independent Domination in Some Wheel Related Graphs, 397-407
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(28)  Sultan Senan Mahde and Veena Mathad
Domination Integrity of Line Splitting Graph and Central Graph of Path, Cycle and Star Graphs, 408-423
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(29)  Abha Tenguria and Rinku Verma
3-Total Super Sum Cordial Labeling by Applying Operations on Some Graphs, 424-442
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 (30) Muhammad Akram and Rabia Akmal  
Certain Operations on Bipolar Fuzzy Graph Structures, 443-468
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(31)  Palash Mandal, Arindam Garai and Tapan Kumar Roy
Cobb-Douglas Based Firm Production Model under Fuzzy Environment and its Solution using Geometric Programming, 469-488
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