Accounting, Finance, & MIS

Courses in accounting, finance and management information systems are offered through the Department of Accounting, Finance, and Management Information Systems.

Minors Available

Accounting, Finance, MIS, Personal Financial Planning, Real Estate

Degrees Offered


The mission of the accounting program is to offer high quality, comprehensive accounting education which prepares students for immediate employment in the private and public sectors as well as for graduate or professional education. Students, who are the program’s most valued stakeholders, are provided an accounting curriculum that offers a general business education in a liberal arts setting which encourages logical, analytical and creative strategic thinking. Students also engage in constructive competition to enable them to develop into confident, global-minded individuals who possess the requisite knowledge and skills to become leaders in their organizations. It is this kind of learning environment that fosters an open channel of communication and interaction among faculty, students and employers and provide students with a structured practical experience through student internship opportunities.

Accounting Degree Plan


The Finance Program is designed to prepare students for professional careers in the private and public sectors, and to pursue graduate study in finance or related disciplines. It seeks to provide students with a comprehensive and contemporary education in financial concepts and practices with sufficient flexibility to respond to dynamic national and global environments. In addition, the program encourages the development of innovative skills among its graduates, and focuses on ethical conduct and professionalism in the work environment.

Finance Degree Plan

Management Information Systems

The Management Information Systems program is structured to prepare students to design, develop, operate, and manage computer software systems and computer-based management information systems. Program content is broad enough to enable students to integrate concepts and apply the knowledge and tools of advanced information technology to practical applications in accounting, finance, and operations management. Graduates of the program are competent and capable of working with current and future information systems technology and knowledge of business computer languages.

The program is based on a broad liberal arts education followed by upper-level study in computer-based information systems. In order to achieve the goal of developing students as professionals who are confident and well-rounded, the program provides an intense professional learning environment based on student, faculty and corporate interaction.

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Department of Accounting, Finance & MIS

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