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College of Business Internship Program

Opportunities for practical experience in business are available through the co-op and/or internship programs. An internship or cooperative education (co-op) program provides students with valuable work experience organized in an educational and academic manner. It also helps students better evaluate what they can do with their major.

Benefits of participating in the programs are numerous:

  • The student can better evaluate his or her chosen academic major.
  • Classroom theory and Graduate Internship and Career opportunitiesprinciples become more meaningful through practical application in work assignment.
  • The student can earn academic credit.
  • Upon graduation the student will have the advantage of professional experiences to help him or her in the job market.
  • The student can earn money to help finance his or her academic career.
  • The student can secure networking opportunities as well as opportunities for employment after graduation.
  • The experience is an excellent addition to the student’s resume.

Students seeking to enroll in the co-op or internship course should schedule an appointment with the College of Business Internship Coordinator. Students may secure their own co-op or internship position; seek assistance from the University Career Services and Outreach Department or from the Internship Coordinator in the College of Business. The sponsoring companies, firms or entities will determine acceptance of interns. Requirements may also include resume review, interviews, etc.

Undergraduate and graduate students may also view internship and post-graduation opportunities by clicking on one of the photos above.

A student is eligible to enroll for the College of Business co-op or internship course based on the following criteria:

  • Minimum 2.5 overall grade point average.
  • At least sophomore status.
  • Completion of the three-hour Introduction to Management Information Systems class or equivalent.
  • Approval of the department head.


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