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Student Refund Selection Options

A student may receive a refund when a credit is remaining on their account after all tuition & fees, and room & board is paid for. If the student wishes to receive their refund electronically, we provide two choices through BankMobile (formerly Higher One) including an ACH (direct deposit) to any bank account you may have and a BankMobile “Vibe” checking account choice offered by BankMobile.  If a student does not wish to receive their refund electronically, a check will be mailed to them either through BankMobile or from the University depending on the consent to BankMobile.  Checks will be mailed to the mailing address on file at either Bank Mobile or the University.

Prairie View A&M University has partnered with BankMobile® a financial services company focused solely on higher education to bring a new way to receive your refund ­and manage your own delivery preference. Please do not throw away this important green envelope when it arrives in the mail after if you have consented to the services of BankMobile.

When the green envelope arrives in the mail, please use the personal code inside to choose an option for receiving any refund due to you from PVAMU, according to the instructions provided.

If the student chooses to receive their refund electronically, they must consent to use the Services of BankMobile to receive their refund.  If the student selects the “Vibe” account option, they will receive The BankMobile Vibe Account Card in the mail.  Your new card will be mailed to your current mailing address. Please take a moment to visit PantherTracks via PV Place at http://pvamu.edu/pvplace to confirm or update your mailing address today.

Visit www.refundselection.com to make a selection to receive your refund if you consent to using BankMobile.

If you are expecting a refund it is preferred that you choose a refund preference through the three (3) options offered by BankMobile Disbursements.

In order to make these refund services available to you, Bank Mobile will need to mail a personal code to you on behalf of Prairie View A&M University that will assist you with making your refund preference.

If you would like to receive your student refund through BankMobile, which offers the three (3) options listed above or of you wish to change from BankMobile to a paper check issued by the university, click the link below to sign on to PVPLACE to consent to receiving your refund through BankMobile: Once in PVPLACE, click on “PantherTracks” and then click on the “student” tab. Select “BankMobile (formerly HigherOne) Consent Processing” and then select the “term” that you wish to update. Select whether to consent or not to consent


If you do not consent to receiving your refund through these methods provided through BankMobile, your other option to receive your refund is through PVAMU by method of paper check.

If you do not consent to the services provided by BankMobile, your student refund will be automatically mailed to the mailing address on file in PV Place.