Panther Employee Scholarship Exemption Program

Prairie View A&M University is proud to introduce the new Panther Employee Scholarship/Exemption Program. This program will replace the Full Time Employee Exemption Program.


  • Covers a higher percentage of tuition & fees for 6 hours per semester
  • Pays upfront instead of on a reimbursement basis
  • May be passed to spouse or dependent
  • Payroll deduction is available for employee’s out of pocket portion


Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Fulltime employee in a budgeted position (100% effort)
  • Employed at least 4 months (120 consecutive days)
  • Current on required mandated training
  • The eligible employee/spouse/dependent must not be in debt with the University
  • Must be seeking a degree or certification as defined by admissions
  • Must complete all courses registered for and remain in good academic standing
  • Must attend 1 information session.   Please register online to attend the information session
  • This scholarship program will not cover tuition and fees for the Executive MBA Program, however the regular MBA program is covered under this program

Please read the complete list of eligibility requirements in the Panther Employee Scholarship Exemption Program Guidelines

Application Deadlines

Applicants must apply each semester for the Panther Employee Scholarship/Exemption. Applications must be turned in by the due dates below for the semester you are applying for in order to be considered for the scholarship. Applications received after these dates will be denied:

Spring Due Date: December 1
Summer Due Date: May 1
Fall Due Date: August 1

What does the Employee Scholarship/Exemption Program pay for?

  • Up to 6 hours of designated tuition and mandatory fees per semester per academic year including summer.
  • Does not pay statutory tuition*, lab fees, meals, housing, or miscellaneous fees such as parking
Level Total Tuition &
Fees for 6 hrs(New Student)
Total Paid by ESEP % Paid by ESEP Statutory Tuition Amount (6hrs) not covered by ESEP
UG $2,418.84 $2,118.84 87% $300.00 (50 X 6)
GR/DR $2,678.10 $2,198.10 82% $480.00 (80 X 6)

**Note: The tuition paid is resident tuition only and is based on the student’s assigned cohort group and tuition rate plan selected. Students are assigned a cohort group based on the term of admission.  The rates above are for the guaranteed tuition & fee rate plan.  All new students are required to select a tuition & fee rate plan.

Panther Employee Scholarship Exemption Program Guidelines

TSI Testing

The exam can take up to 5 hours and the cost is $10/section. Employees should contact the TSI Compliance office (936-261-3691) for their current TSI status.

How/When will the scholarship or exemption be applied?

  • The scholarship/exemption applications must be submitted by August 1 for fall, December 1 for spring and May1 for summer. Applications must be submitted each semester to be considered for benefits.
  • Scholarship will be applied to the student’s tuition & fee account at the time of approval of the application. The scholarship will be applied in the amount of the resident designated tuition up to 6 hours
  • The exemption will be applied to the student’s tuition & fee account at the time of approval for up to 6 hours of mandatory fees excluding lab and miscellaneous fees



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